Netflix: what’s new for the week from November 26 to December 2

What’s new this week on the SVOD platform? Films, series, documentaries … Télé-Loisirs tells you everything.

And that’s it, here we are … almost! The time has come to bring out Christmas garlands and sweaters, and to curl up under the blanket, a cup of hot chocolate in the palm of your hand. And at the dawn of the first days of December, Netflix has concocted a great program for you, just to make you wait and / or salivate while waiting for Christmas Eve (the films A castle for Christmas, where romance blows see the series At the chocolate school). But those and those for whom the New Year’s Eve seems still very far away be reassured: the giant of the svod has other celebrations in its basket these next eight days, starting with The Power of the Dog. In this western signed Jane Campion, actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays a landowner as charismatic as he is feared, and who has decided to show all the pain to the new wife of his brother and the son of the latter. On this occasion, the platform offers several films by the filmmaker, from December 1, including Sweetie (1989) and The piano lesson, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993.

Also to discover from November 26, the documentary event on the Belgian singer Angela in which the artist tells about herself and evokes the fragile balance she has found between the loneliness and the joy that accompany notoriety. In short, without waiting, here are the Netflix news for the week of November 26.

The original series

At the Chocolate School: Season 1 (26/11): The famous chocolatier Amaury Guichon coaches eight candidates as brilliant as they are ambitious, with a professional opportunity in the key for the winner.

Light the Night (11/26): In the red light district of 80s Taipei, mama-san Rose and the hostesses of a popular club struggle between love stories and galleys.

Elves: Season 1 (11/28): While on vacation on a remote island, a brother and sister discover that bloodthirsty elves reign supreme over the scene.

Lost in Space: Season 3 (1/12): In an epic final season, a heightened survival instinct drives the Robinson Crusoes together to protect Alpha Centauri from invading robots.

Coyotes (2/12): When friends camping out in the woods stumble upon diamonds, they suddenly see their relationships shattered, their friendships falter, and their lives threatened.

The original films

Green Snake (11/26): A woman will stop at nothing to save her sister. Directed by Amp Wong.

A Castle for Christmas (11/26): When an American author negotiates the purchase of a castle in Scotland with the owner, a grumpy and reluctant Duke, the result is much more than a compromise.

The crazier we are (30/11): A comedy about sexual fulfillment, directed and co-written by Paco Caballero (“Cites”).

The Power of the Dog (1/12): Charismatic breeder, Phil Burbank inspires fear and admiration. He lives hard on the new wife of his brother and his son … until he catches a glimpse of love.

The Whole Truth (2/12): When a brother and sister discover a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents’ house, horrific incidents reveal their family’s dark secrets.

That romance blows (2/12): At Christmas, Peter decides to pass off his best friend as his companion. But his plans are turned upside down when his family members play matchmaker.

The documentaries

Angela (26/11): Angèle, the French-speaking pop star artist, tells her story and evokes the fragile balance she has found between the loneliness and the joy that come with notoriety.

A Buried Truth: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier (26/11): After the disappearance of Birgit Meier in 1989, police errors stalled the investigation for years. But her brother does not give up on his quest for the truth.

14 x 8000: On top of the impossible (29/11): The mountaineer Nims Purja wants to beat a historic record with his team of sherpas: to climb in seven months rather than seven years the 14 summits of more than 8,000 meters.

Lives without a roof (30/11): 500,000 Americans find themselves homeless every night. Lives Without a Roof, the short documentary by Jon Shenk and Pedro Kos, captures the experience from multiple angles.


Charlie in the Land of Stickers: Classic Tales Revisited (30/11): Charlie revisits traditional tales with different forms. He needs help at a hair salon, at a mermaid’s ball and even in space!

Charlie in the Land of Stickers: Stories Under the Snow (30/11): Charlie and his new friend Yetilda the yeti set off on snowy winter whale adventures!

Charlie in the Land of Stickers: Cupid in Music (11/30): Charlie plays the cupids to spread love in sticker land in this special musical episode.

Kayko and Kokosh: Season 1 and 2 (1/12): Two Slavic warriors do their utmost to defend Mirmiłville against an order of evil knights.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean (1/12): The Joestar Family Story Continues: Jolyne and her team face new Stands Handlers behind bars at Green Dolphin Street Prison.


Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas (30/11)

New films available

Robbers (01/12), The formidable (01/12), Taxi Driver (01/12), Seven lives (01/12)

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Netflix: what’s new for the week from November 26 to December 2