Pays de Châteaubriant: sleeping at Leclerc, camel racing… our top April Fools’ Day

The businesses and associations of the country of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) enjoyed writing April Fools. ©Flickr

They are merchants, presidents of associations or gendarmes. In this Friday, April 1, 2022day april foolsthere are many who wanted to make you laugh, by transmitting information of a humorous nature.

To support jokewe share with you the best april fools jokes that we have observed on the social networks of the country of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).

A school principal presents the reform of the uniform

The Palme d’Or goes to the Nazareth Saint-Joseph school in Châteaubriant, who, in a press release on his facebook pagemaintains that the director of the establishment went to all the classes to present the new uniform reform to students.

For their part, the parents could allow themselves a moment of relaxation, by sleeping in the E.Leclerc center in Châteaubriant. Indeed, the store has announced the possibility of renting the business for one night, in partnership with the Airbnb platform.

Thus, tenants (500 people maximum) would benefit from a living area of ​​6,150 m², covered parking, 10 toilets and breakfast. The arrival is scheduled for 8 p.m., for a departure at 8:30 a.m. the next morning.

The evening in the mall could be watered. And that, the gendarmes of Loire-Atlantique are aware of it. For this reason, they decided to train and tame gulls with a view upcoming patrols.

Posters pasted upside down

With their eyes, these birds might notice the blunder traders from Nozay (Loire-Atlantique), who stuck posters upside down in their store windows.

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The temperatures of the previous weekend have surely given a blow of heat to the various business leaders. But, the happiness of some is the misfortune of others.

Thereby, the Nort-sur-Erdre racecourse (Loire-Atlantique) takes advantage of the hot weather to innovate and replace its horse races with camel races, in order to preserve the health of the horses.

World champions in Bain-de-Bretagne

It remains to be seen now whether the camels will run faster than the Brownlee brothers, world triathlon champions, who will be present at the next race organized by the athletics club of Bain-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine), May 1, 2022.

By imagining that the Brownlee brothers land at Nantes-Atlantique airport, the two athletes will perhaps entrust their jersey waxing to the Nozay p’tits caring workshop, which now offers cuts, decorations and stencils with a total choice in terms of shapes.

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Pays de Châteaubriant: sleeping at Leclerc, camel racing… our top April Fools’ Day