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Perpetuity for the assassins of the “doctor of the angels”


The criminal court at the Court of Tiaret pronounced, Tuesday at the end of the afternoon, a life sentence against two individuals, main defendants in a case of murder of the “doctor of the angels”, Adjrad Med , and 10 years in prison for the two accomplices, including the acquitted clandestine.

The facts date back to July 2021 when the city of Tiaret was shaken by the announcement of the heinous crime against the doctor, in the heart of the city.
The angel stranglers were arrested, two days after the heinous crime.
A palme d’or and a medal of merit for the local police officers and the medical examiner in the autopsy room at the assizes.
The case of the “stranglers of Dr. Adjrad, doctor of angels”, an Ibn Badis residential area, in the heart of the city of Tiaret, had not remained an enigma. In a lapse of time, ie 48 hours, the trio in charge of the investigation was enough to arrest the four suspects of the heinous crime that the Rostomid capital experienced. It was the investigators, the scientific police and the autopsy of the medical examiner, one of the deans of the autopsy who succeeded in two days in elucidating the case. Four young people who could well be the perpetrators of the assassination of Dr Adjrad, one of the first doctors in the region next to the case, Bensouna and Youssef el khattib, also beaten to death and strangled by an electric wire at the inside his home, the day before Eid al-Adha. The experience of the local scientific police and the muscular intervention of the investigators succeeded during the weekend in identifying the perpetrators of this heinous crime. A case in Rome solved in two days thanks to the local police. The double key leads on the trail of heinous crime. It is 8 pm, the victim was in front of the small screen when suddenly the four members of the association open the door without resistance which they believed that the apartment is without owner. But face to face, without mercy and with a rage, the bloodthirsty hand beats the doctor of the angels to death. Tie the victim to the hands, arms and feet before stopping his mouth with his own prescriptions and pieces of newspapers, and the scene is not over, the stranglers have found no better way than to wrap the body with the packing tape once strangled. The bloodthirsty hand evaporates into nature. But throughout the night, following the alert given by the vaguemestre, who discovered the body lying on the floor of the hall (from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.), the investigators on the spot combed after the facts , the motive for the crime did not manage to put at the moment remains or clues that could allow investigators to clarify the conditions in which Dr. Adjrad Med, 92, was killed. Even the intelligence of the criminals entered the building with caps and bibs, back to the wall in order to carry out the action far from the eyes of the surveillance cameras. On the first day of Eid, the medical department occupied by the medical examiner, his department head and a handful of experienced local police investigators, the autopsy and the number of beatings on the body, as to the On the other side, the section in charge of the case, in a silence far from view, leaves the place, opens a breach which leads to the refuge of the four assassins. By information, on the second day of Eid, the investigation bears fruit, once the mastermind of the gang has been arrested, in possession of a keychain, the phone empties its memory card with a series of contacts with the accomplices.
27 hours after the heinous crime of doctor Adjrad. Forty-eight hours up, day and night, the investigators packed their bags and headed for the western capital of Oran and Ain Turk, arresting the rest of the group, three in number, the fugitive trio on the run from the first day of Eid el Adha once arrested “quickly transferred to the scene of the crime in Tiaret for further investigation” A panoply of clues and leads led us to another raft where the clothes worn by the four were burned bloodthirsty, to bury the imprint and confuse the cards for the investigators. But to the vigilance of our investigators and experience nothing escapes. Who killed Dr Adjard? The angel stranglers arrested, two days later, a weekend is enough for an investigation. The lost dream of a gang after this heinous crime and the dream of Eldorado on the other continent falls through, the local police have chosen the true path to the killers, the transfer instead of the drama and a place well booked in the future. Peace to Doctor Adjrad!
A palme d’or and a medal of merit for the local police officers and hats off to the medical examiner!
A trial took place on Tuesday, and after deliberations, the verdict is in: life imprisonment for two individuals, main defendants of murder, and ten years of criminal imprisonment for the two accomplices. As for the clandestine, he was acquitted.

Hamzaoui Benchohra

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Perpetuity for the assassins of the “doctor of the angels” – La Nouvelle République Algérie