Plan 75 and euthanasia – On the right to die forced euthanasia

The President of the French Republic deemed it urgent to rework the Leonetti law relating to the rights of patients and the end of life. A Japanese movie, Map 75 (September 2022), glimpses the drives to which the best intentions in the world can lead

Adopted unanimously in April 2005 by the National Assembly, the law of deputy and doctor Jean Leonetti proscribed “unreasonable obstinacy” of the medical profession and “artificial prolongation of life” of the patient; it authorizes the cessation of a treatment on collegial opinion, if this treatment falls within the “unreasonable obstinacy” ; it imposes respect for the wishes of the patient with regard to the cessation of treatment.

In 2016, the Leonetti-Clayes law marginally modified these provisions so that people at the end of their lives can die as peacefully as possible, and to date, French society has come to terms with these provisions. If they are still poorly applied, this has nothing to do with the law but is a matter of the collapse of the health system, a political issue of another magnitude.

For a progressive fringe of the political class, however, it is important to go much further towards the “right to die” and therefore the authorization given to doctors to administer lethal treatment to whomever so wishes.

Make room for young people

Map 75 (September 2022)This claim hides the fear of a society crushed by the burden of its old people. The Japanese scenario writer Chie Hayakawa fears that it does not lead by successive stages to the unacknowledged temptation to release resources for the healthy fraction of the population.

It echoes it in a luminous film, all in finesse, softness and emotion, without an ounce of violence. All the characters of Map 75 are pleasant but they do not participate less in a chilling device.

The idea for the film would have started from a news item: the assassination in 2016 of several old people in a retirement home by a serial killer.

In fact, Japan having outstripped all the other countries in the demographic transition, it now has the highest percentage of elderly people in the world (29% over 65) and young working people are deprived of increasing share of the fruits of their labor for the benefit of their elders, hence the despair of some of them.

The government therefore votes “right to euthanasia” for people over 75. A zealous administration is set up to welcome and process applicants. A bonus of 100,000 yen is offered to them so that they treat themselves to a few treats before the big leap (this is less than the monthly salary of a nursing assistant).

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Plan 75 and euthanasia – On the right to die forced euthanasia