Please, can we talk about something other than football?


Fed up with football? Want to move on before thinking about the exploits of the Atlas Lions? It’s now or never since the European Film Week in Morocco, which has just started (in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Tangier), offers us some high quality films. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

Two pieces in particular hold our attention. The first is called “Without filter”, the last Cannes Palme d’or. If you like the big show and the moral lesson full of cynicism and sarcasm, this film is for you.

We embarked on a luxury cruise that was too ostentatious to be true. On board the yacht, billionaires rotten to the bone, somewhat stupid influencers, and a borderline staff. All of this smacks of drifting and sinking head-on. And drift there will be.

Without spoiling the rest of the plot for you, let’s say that the film, which is quite long, is presented in two large pieces. The first, undoubtedly the best, is of a flat calm which announces the storm. The second, which looks like a farce, takes us to a desert island where women and men are ready to do anything and everything to survive.

“Without Filter” is a paradoxical film. Both annoying and amazing, it will probably appeal to those who liked “Parasite”, another Cannes winner, perhaps less to those who applauded “The Square”, the previous film (Palme d’or, there too) by Ruben Ostlund. To see in any case, if only to rinse the eye with this cruise which summons the memory of Homer’s Odyssey to better kill a certain decadence of the Western world.

In short, down with the rich!

Like “Without filter”, “RMN” by Romanian Cristian Mungiu also adopts the posture of the choral film. In Romanian, NMR means MRI (medical examination). So there, hold on to your armchairs. This film is an extraordinary expedition, a monumental film that reminds us that cinema can say more and better than all the analyzes and all the reports on social fracture, racism, cross-border trafficking, etc.

The story is truly untellable. We are in front of a fresco of central Europe, a puzzle made up of several intrigues which end up joining together. A Romanian emigrant returns to his country and finds his village, his family and his little habits. But all his landmarks are shattered. The village does not stop welcoming waves of emigrants who have come to seek work, and who are not welcome. As for the family, it is dislocated: a son who suffers from mutism whose origin is unknown, a sick father, a distant wife. And a beautiful and liberated mistress, who seems to attract all the trouble.

Attention masterpiece!

It is amusing to see that this film did not win anything at Cannes, while “Without Filter” won the Palme d’Or. Yes, the world is unfair. But it’s not that bad.

Mungiu is a major filmmaker of our time. He signed jewels like “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days” or “Baccalaureate”. Those who have seen these films know what they have to do: jump on this “RMN” without hesitation. They will not be disappointed.

When the cinema hovers at these heights, when it gives us an extraordinary range of pleasures and emotions, it is even stronger than football. Or almost!

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Please, can we talk about something other than football?