[Point de vue] A police officer placed in police custody in Grenoble: what to think of these procedures which ruin the City?

Scenario to come for the Palme d’Or in Cannes: it’s the story of two young people from urban diversity, sympatoches, good guys, who stroll quietly on a scooter in the streets of Grenoble, at the end of the afternoon. , looking for handbags lost on the asphalt to bring them back to the found objects and which are coldly degummed by a cop embittered from obeying the Republic and so dazed with nauseating ideas that he believes that insecurity does not it’s not just a feeling.

That’s it for the pitch! To know the end, you will have to go see the film, friends. Provided that Lola Quivoron, a new kind of Mathieu Kassovitz – or almost – of the new wave of subsidized artists who can be designated “sons-daughters of NUPES” when they have completely imposed their ideological tracking shot, already noticed and praised by his peers for Rodeoa hymn to the freedom of expression of these “young people” whom “the police kills”, as the insurgent Mélenchon would say, takes hold of the subject.

Yes, but here, there is worse than the moralizing cinema of sores: the reality of news stories from our France-Bienveillance. Today, it’s still a “cop” tripping over Alice’s upside-down world carpet.

According to the deputy prosecutor of Isère Boris Duffau, who relates the surreal clash (?), the police services of Grenoble intervened, this Thursday, July 7 at the end of the afternoon, in the Hoche district, because the passenger of a scooter was seen there carrying a weapon. Two policemen on patrol would then have “been aiming” by “one of the occupants of the scooter”. One of the police “would then have drawn his service weapon” and “pulled in the direction of the occupants of the scooter, which ended its race a few meters further”. Result of the race: one death among the delinquents and zero among the police.

While the pilot was shot down, the other fled. He is still running. Obviously, no surprise: the “young”, 24 years old anyway, was known to the “House”, as they say. Not to mention the danger posed to local residents by such savage escapades – and we are far from the good old days of the “wildlings” of which a former minister spoke – a Kalashnikov-type rifle, found loaded, having been abandoned on the spot, the worst still happened.

Yes, the worst: the “cop” was taken into custody! Guess that’s the procedure. Cursed maniacal administrative procedure… but who would be, according to Karl Marx, reviewed with Mélenchon sauce, a guarantee of freedom. We will read this on Service-Public.fr : “A person can be taken into custody only if he is accused of a crime or misdemeanor […] There must be valid reasons to believe that the person has committed or attempted to commit an offence. » And we will ask the question: must a civil servant, responsible for protecting other citizens, risking his skin, imperatively submit to the common law in all his defensive acts? In the meantime, let’s proceed… and continue to weaken the City. To top it off, the parents of the “victim” – who wore a bulletproof vest under 30°C –, decided to file a complaint. We proceed !

According to the latest news, “the” or “the” Lola Quivoron on duty has still not applied for the production of the next Bad time for a cop. It doesn’t matter, we already know the end and, without wanting to “spoiler”, there will be no suspense in this film: the Good side will win in the end. Everyone, according to their appreciation of art, remains free to imagine who will go to prison… We have to change screenwriters.

We wish to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this incredible material

[Point de vue] A police officer placed in police custody in Grenoble: what to think of these procedures which ruin the City?