Postman News: it’s going to play honey

Les Nouvelles Du Faicteur (thank you hohun) our appointment never copied, completely outdated, but at least for now regular. This week we stay in France, for a section that is once again short, but which is as always quite eclectic. We are going to talk about an upcoming video game ceremony, luxury cars, parent-child meetings around video games and finally a living room.

The video game will soon have its Cannes Film Festival

The National Video Game Syndicate (SNJV) had created in 2019 theAcademy of video game arts and techniqueswhich had awarded for the first time in 2020 “Pegasus“, which we could compare to the “Caesars” of the video game. But wait, if there are Caesars, there are also “Palme d’or”, and therefore there is perhaps a small This is surely how the idea of ​​organizing the first “Cannes Gaming Festival” in its first edition for October 2023 came to Robin Leproux, ex-president of PSG, former manager of M6 and co-founder of ‘Espot, and Antoine de Tavernost, boss of a company in the communication around the Auditoire events. From 2024, they would even like to enlarge the format of the future festival so that it extends over five days, as specified

BMW will integrate video games directly into its vehicles

The average age of BMW buyers is well over 50, which is exactly the average age of the Factornews team and readership. You will therefore be delighted to learn that from 2023 you will be able to play video games directly on the on-board screen of your middle-class car. And all this “thanks” to AirConsole developed by a Swiss start-up N-Dream. Basically it will be cloud gaming requiring an Internet connection necessarily adapted according to Nothing new Tesla had already launched the concept with the risks that this presents. For those who were wondering about the controller, it will be the player’s smartphone. Besides, somewhere BMW has multiplied video game experiences, since they had invented the “heated seats” option in subscription.

Libraries of Châteauroux: video games to better disconnect from screens

In Châteauroux, each month in one of their three libraries, children accompanied by their parents are invited to come and play video games as we specify. The approach is to transmit good reflexes and to learn how to disconnect children from screens precisely by raising awareness among parents. Paradoxically, this is done by playing as a team to ” reduce this divide in the use of technologies between generations and this simultaneously de-demonizes video game media. The children know that the sessions will only last thirty minutes, and they do not even realize that the breaks are getting longer, since they are immersed in their reading or their discussions.

The arrow. The video game fair returns to La Monnerie

La Flèche located in the south of the Sarthe department in the Pays de la Loire region will organize again its video game fair, which will take place in the town at the Monnerie sports complex. There will be several guests including Donald Reignoux, the official voice of Titeuf and Spider-Man, and two professional fighting game players Mr Crimson and RZA according to Admission will be free and free.

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Postman News: it’s going to play honey