Proligue – Noé Lafougère, left winger of Saran Loiret handball, from rap to the palme d’or…

Invited, Wednesday, October 26, in press briefing, for the very first time in his young career, Noé Lafougère, 20, left winger of the Septors, displayed, from the outset, the assurance of a seasoned playerbroken in the exercise of questions and answers.

The maturity of a boy who knows how to go well beyond formatted pre-match speeches, to highlight his passions, his vision of life, his sources of reflection on current societal issues, his taste for culture. In particular his attraction to writing with The Stranger of Camus, the last book he read, or cinema, the evocation of Without filter, palme d’or at Cannes this year, the third feature film by director Ruben Östlund, which he particularly appreciated.

When he was young, he went to see Matthieu Drouhin play…

Noé Lafougère is also a consumer of music, “of all styles, from classical to rap”. It’s a completely different score that this former clarinet player is about to deliver, Friday, October 28 (8:30 p.m.), on the Massy floor (8, 6 pts)as part of the seventh day of the Proligue championship.

Number 2 in his position, behind Jordi Deumal, he will most often be on the bench, in the middle of a sporting trajectory having led him, at lightning speed, from Livry-Gargan, his training club, to the center Saran’s training two years ago, then to the professional group today.

“I wrote to all the clubs in France, and Saran is the only one who gave me a chance”

Why Saran, current 4th in the championship (9 points)? “No league, no pole, my career meant that I was on nobody’s radar. So I wrote to all the clubs in France and Saran is the only one who gave me a chance”, explains- he.

Small, rather than the judo tatami, he preferred to go and watch Matthieu Drouhin in Tremblay-en-France, before the latter came to enjoy the heyday of the Jacques-Mazzuca hall.The hand, I tried. I liked, in particular the aspect which consisted in transmitting emotions. Everything started behind, with ups and downs”, underlines the young man, one of the standard bearers of the Saranese succession, also in the second year of Staps license.

Fleury Loiret handball too short against Stella Saint-Maur

A “blotter”, a “sponge”

Noé Lafougère (1.79 m, 67 kg) to willingly compares to a “blotter” or “a sponge”. At the time of “absorbing” all the knowledge that is within reach of the ball, in a match or in training. He didn’t think his rise would be so quick, but, he said, with a small smile, “I don’t mind that much. It happened almost naturally.”

His feeling, in recent weeks, is to have progressed in the engagement, in “the correctness” of the gestures, “the blocks at the right time, in the right timings”. In defense, “what I do seems more relevant to me. In the shoots, too, because the goalkeepers, opposite, are of a level above. Now, I have to continue to work, because it is necessary “. It will be for him “guideline”a sine qua non condition in its objective to save playing time. To cross, again, a new level.

Laurent Coursimault


Just yesterday, the news was not good in the ranks of the Septors, related to the injuries of two senior players. The first concern concerned Tom Robyns, center half, still not fully recovered from his abdominal tear which occurred at the beginning of the month. The second concerned the physical fitness of the captain, Hadrien Ramond, victim of calf pain on Thursday in training. The decision to align the two men, Friday evening, will be taken at the last moment, at the end of final tests for Robyns and according to the result of an MRI for Ramond: contracture, tear, lesion?

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Proligue – Noé Lafougère, left winger of Saran Loiret handball, from rap to the palme d’or…