release of a cult film in 4K remastered version (in UHD and Blu-ray)

UHD Pulp Fiction 00

Artistic note: Red StarRed StarRed StarRed Stargray star(4/5)


The lives of two henchmen, a boxer, a gangster’s wife and two robbers intertwine in four stories of violence and redemption.

• Original title: Pulp Fiction
• Media tested: UHD
• Genre: detective, drama
• Year: 1994
• Director: Quentin Tarantino
• Cast: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros, Ving Rhames, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, Christopher Walken
• Duration: 2 h 34 min 30
• Video format: 16:9
• Cinema format: 2.39/1 (HDR10, Dolby Vision)
• Subtitling: French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, English
• Soundtracks on UHD: DTS-HD MA 5.1 English, German – Dolby Digital 5.1 Italian – Dolby Digital 2.0 French, Japanese
• Soundtracks on Blu-ray: DTS-HD Master audio 5.1 and 2.0 English, French
• Bonus: combo with UHD and Blu-ray of the film
• Bonus HD in VOST on UHD: Not the usual boring chatter to get to know each other (2011, 43 min 01) – Here are some facts about the fiction (2011, 21 mn 27) – banner with anecdotes (only in English without subtitles)
• Bonus on the Blu-ray: behind the scenes of filming with Quentin Tarantino (VOST, 1994, 10 mn 47)
• Publisher: Paramount Pictures France

Art commentary

Palme d’or at Cannes in 1994 and Oscar 1995 for screenplay, pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, which seduced the critics and the public, confirmed that of his previous film Reservoir Dogs (1982) also produced independently and hailed for its creativity. The screenplay is based on an old project, co-written with Roger Alvary, and consists of three intersecting stories in a non-chronological sequence during which various characters intersect. pulp Fiction immediately surprises its audience with its film structure based on sketches and above all with its skilful cocktail of styles mixing black humor, graphic violence and surrealist shift. The film offers an incisive and ironic portrayal of a certain underworld whose characters are all as stereotyped as in a Pulp Magazine. This singular feature film is made up of hard-hitting cult dialogues and human observation always tinged with humor capable of arousing the curiosity of the spectator, especially since the staging with bluster and the slaughter of the actors are remarkable. Almost thirty years after its release, pulp Fictiona film that does not leave anyone indifferent, has lost none of its bite and virtuosity to the point of always dividing the spectators (see bonus). Indeed one can just as well admire the cinematographic brilliance of its author-director as reproach him for his insatiable penchant for cinephilia which makes each element of his film a reference in itself, and which, in consequence, can pass for a certain boastfulness. that some may call pretentious. Whether or not we are fascinated by this work of pop culture, we must salute the talent of all its actors, starting with the indescribable duo of killers with existential reflections embodied by John Travolta (Vincent Vega) and Samuel L. Jackson (Jules Winnfield) and all the huge stars that revolve around them: Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Christopher Walker, etc. The actresses are not left out, from Amanda Plummer (Yolanda) to Uma Thurman (Mia) via Maria de Medeiros (Fabienne) and Rosanna Arquette (Jody)… All of them knew how to fully play the character card embroiled in the cliche and tortuous intrigues taken from noir novels. Filmed on a shoestring budget, pulp Fiction is intended to be a classy film according to the wishes of the filmmaker who refines all the details: photography on 50 Asa film to have a Technicolor tri-band appearance, sets, accessories, collections of varied musical pieces from pop, soul and rock. The visual result to the height boosts the constant inventiveness of the scenario and the delicious and offbeat numbers which constitute the framework of this film with twists and turns, witness to the absolute passion of its author for the 7th Art. For its aesthetic and dramatic richness, pulp Fiction is to be rediscovered in the magnificent 4K version that has just been released. On a technical level, however, it should be noted that only the UHD comes from the new Master 4K 2022 while, unlike the American edition, the blu-ray comes from the old Master 2019, which is clearly below and which is the economy of all the bonuses offered on the American version. A hybrid edition that should therefore only be purchased for the only 4K cake !

UHD Pulp Fiction

Technical Comment

Image : UHD copy, announced as a new 4K restoration, superb definition, sharp on all the details, fine and regular silver texture (shooting in 35 mm with Arriflex 35-III, Panaflex Gold II, Lightweight and Platinum cameras, Master Format 4K 2022) , well-cleaned image almost flawless, very bright HDR management of contrasts with sustained blacks and sharp lighting, detail in lowlights, shimmering warm calibration, vivid colorimetry with vibrant but quite naturalistic hues and saturated tones

His : English 5.1 mix (identical to that of the 2011 blu-ray), very clear and balanced dialogues, constant dynamics which benefit the action scenes and the energetic music of the soundtrack, spectacular spatialization using surround immersion with efficiency, many enveloping effects (traffic, cafeteria), bass (shots, music) well restored by the LFE channel; VF 2.0 (unlike the 5.1 mix offered on the Blu-ray which dates from 2019), clear and dynamic, correct but artificial dubbing and devoid of the scale of the VO

Our opinion

Image : Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star(5/5)
Sound mixes: VO blue Starblue Starblue Starblue Stargray star(4/5) VF blue Starblue Starhalf blue stargray stargray star(2.5/5)
Bonuses: UHD Red StarRed StarRed Stargray stargray star(3/5) BRD Red Stargray stargray stargray stargray star(1/5)
Packaging: blue Starblue Starhalf blue stargray stargray star(2.5/5)

IMDb :

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release of a cult film in 4K remastered version (in UHD and Blu-ray)