Reshuffle: the new headliners of the government

Un new government to finally launch the five-year term. Two weeks after the legislative elections, where he lost his absolute majority, Emmanuel Macron unveiled his new executive on Monday July 4, who remains under the leadership of Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, in whom the president has renewed his confidence.

In particular, it was necessary to replace the few ministers beaten in the legislative elections and to allocate portfolios left vacant during the last reshuffle. The opportunity to bring in new faces, including recent spoils of war, or to promote some faithful. Overview of the headliners of the new government.

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François Braun, an emergency doctor at the bedside of the hospital

This is one of the positions released after the defeat of its holder in the legislative elections. Ephemeral Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon is replaced by François Braun, emergency doctor and president of Samu-Urgences de France. A few days before his appointment, he delivered the report of the “flash” mission on emergencies, commissioned by the government, to deal with the deleterious situation of these vital hospital services, on the verge of rupture. It proposes in particular a revaluation of salaries or even better filtering of admissions. A sign that the task will be tough, his colleagues have not all deemed his proposals sufficient to meet the challenge of the public hospital. Fourth Minister of Health since the start of the pandemic, François Braun will also have to keep an eye on Covid-19 while a 7e epidemic wave is looming in France.

Olivier Klein, the left wing in housing

The absence of a specific holder for the Housing portfolio, left vacant since the departure of Emmanuelle Wargon at the last reshuffle, had fueled controversy in the opposition. This major subject will now be carried by Olivier Klein, mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois since 2011. The former communist and then socialist is one of the recent war catches of the macronie on the left. A rapprochement started in the municipal elections, when LREM did not line up a candidate against him, and sealed at the end of 2021, when the Ile-de-France mayor officially supported Emmanuel Macron for the presidential election. In The worldhe then judged that, “on social and societal issues, on support for the most vulnerable, this government has done more than many left-wing governments have done”.

Laurence Boone, former adviser to Holland, in charge of Europe

She already knows the corridors of the Élysée. Laurence Boone, a brilliant economist, trained at the prestigious London Business School before teaching at the École Polytechnique and the École Normale Supérieure, was called to the Château in 2014 by François Hollande. This daughter of an engineer and teacher was then appointed special adviser for multilateral and European economic and financial affairs and Sherpa of the G20 to the President of the Republic. She then replaced a certain Emmanuel Macron, promoted to Bercy. In July 2018, she became the first woman to occupy the chair of chief economist at the OECD – the president would have pleaded in favor of her appointment. Laurence Boone had already cut his teeth at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development from 1998 to 2004, before working in several large banks. This woman with a thousand hats – she is also a member of the Circle of Economists – therefore knows Emmanuel Macron very well and logically succeeds Clément Beaune as Secretary of State for European Affairs – Beaune now being in charge of Transport.

Caroline Cayeux, an ex-LR listening to the territories

The ex-LR Caroline Cayeux, mayor of Beauvais, is appointed to the government, to the Territorial communities. If she has never explicitly expressed her desire to play a role, this elected official, experienced mayor and president of the ANCT, an entity in charge of the territories, made no secret of her good relations with Emmanuel Macron. Main quality, an elected experience listening to mayors and local representatives. A rare human resource in macronie. His ability to listen and a certain modesty in expression allow him to travel the territory at the bedside of municipalities tested by the Covid, then during the launch of the France services houses wanted by Emmanuel Macron following the Yellow Vests crisis. Her desire not to get entangled in public speaking – she almost systematically refuses televised interventions – works wonders and persuades, at Les Républicains, that it is only a defection without much interest. “She has never really shone nationally and does not weigh much politically speaking”, already sniffed out a member of LR during the last reshuffle when her name was circulating insistently.

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Mistrust, however, this “fine trigger” has practiced hunting with all the barons on the right, from Gérard Larcher, current president of the Senate, to François Baroin. “She sends, as they say, and again, you haven’t seen her on a tractor,” laughs a relative. Remarried to a local farmer, this mother of three, now a grandmother several times, does politics without seeming to touch it too much, at almost 70 years of age. To the Republicans, where this announcement is now less smiling, we minimize, arguing that it is not even a question of rallying, even less of a loss: “We are more on a third, even a fourth knife. It is unknown to the general public, but it can represent a small, cheap symbol paid for Macron. The parallel with Catherine Vautrin, ex-minister of the Chirac era, a time anticipated for Matignon, is also tempting on the right. Great local elected officials, hitherto unknown women in the field, few media clients… “Macron has a knack for making sexy what was not within our political camp”, still lamented, not long ago, a member of the party, where one thus summarized the unthought presidential of the “chief”, fond of the plays of political equilibrism: “Basically, she has the real head of a right-wing woman. »

Christophe Béchu, close to Édouard Philippe, promoted to ecology

Another position to be replaced after a debacle in the legislative elections: that of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, occupied since May by Amélie de Montchalin. It is Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers, who succeeds him. A great promotion for the one who entered the government of Elisabeth Borne last May with the portfolio of local authorities. The name of this close friend of Édouard Philippe – he is secretary general of the Horizons party – has come back, for four years, with each reshuffle. Comfortably re-elected in the municipal elections in 2020, he thought his time had come, remind our colleagues ofWest France. But he had to wait until he became, in September 2021, number two in the party founded by the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron to increase his weight in the presidential majority. The tensions between LREM – now Renaissance – and Horizons will not have been right about its ambitions.

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Reshuffle: the new headliners of the government