Retrospective: the highlights of 2021

Cinema specialists for RTS, Philippe Congiusti and Rafael Wolf unveil their favorites for the year 2021. Two films can be found in each of their list: “La Fever de Petrov” by Kirill Serebrenniko, and “Titane” by Julia Ducourneau .

“Blood Oranges”, by Jean-Christophe Meurisse (unpublished)

Because Jean-Christophe Meurisse is a genius. He has no limits and signs an acid black comic-trash farce as delirious as disturbing to better bazooker the macronism and the cynicism of a policy that has amplified inequalities. A crooked finance minister who will pay for his weakness, old over-indebted people forced to commit suicide after a failed rock contest, an abused teenager but with delightful revenge and in the middle, a dangerous psychopath and his long-haired pig. Three intertwining stories and improvisations that flow and leave no respite to the viewer.

A gem that will become a cult!

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Blood oranges”

“Petrov’s Fever” by Kirill Serebrennikov

Because Serebrennikov is a genius. The Russian offers us a lesson in cinema, the real thing, the which requires total abandonment to appreciate the power and the madness of the staging in the service of an incomprehensible story where alcohol, nostalgia, childhood memories, and criticism of Russia.

An enchantment as much visual as sound.

“Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn”, by Radu Jude

Because Radu Jude is a genius. After four minutes of real amateur porn driving his demonstration, he swings the sauce and directs a radical film in three acts to better deliver a sharp and caustic criticism of our time plagued by hypocrisy and arrogance, where mediocrity and obscenity do not nestle where you imagine!

A deliciously delicious and so fair UFO.

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn”

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“Titanium” by Julia Ducourneau

Because Julia Ducournau is a genius. Even if her vision of the world where men and women seem irreconcilable shivers down your spine, her proposal, full of nods to the masters she venerates, is a declaration of love for genre cinema.

A fascinating, hypnotizing, disturbing work, sometimes rickety but in the end, a pure kif that feels good.

>> To see, the trailer of the film “Titanium”:

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“Neptune Frost”, by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman (unpublished)

Because Soul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman are two geniuses. They offer a sort of poetic new age hip-hop reverie wrapped in a kitsch cyber love musical that often borders on the ridiculous, but god how good it is! In this totally bewitching surrealist film, the African peoples free themselves from the yoke of the West to return to prosperity.

A madly crazy and crazy film at the same time.

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Neptune Frost”

“Ahed’s knee” by Nadav Lapid (unpublished)

Based on a very autobiographical story and character, Nadav Lapid signs the disillusioned chronicle of a double mourning: that of the hero’s mother, and that of a country, Israel, that the filmmaker confronts with its nationalism. as to its lack of freedom and openness.

A film like a raised fist, an enraged cry, carried by a demented staging.

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Ahed’s knee”

“Petrov’s Fever” by Kirill Serebrennikov

The long alcoholic stroll of a man in the heart of a chaotic and surrealist Russia mixes dream and reality, past and present, burlesque comedy and tragedy.

A hallucinogenic whirlwind of baroque cinema, of a crazy energy, which can lose us on the way, but which stands out as the most dizzying film I have seen this year.

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Petrov’s fever”:

“Nomadland” by Chloé Zhao

Multi-Oscar winner, Golden Lion in Venice in 2020, Frances McDormand’s inner and outer journey has moved me deeply.

Between fiction and documentary, a work of crazy magnitude that embraces questions of mourning, loneliness, community and the origins of America with a sense of purity crossed by poetic flashes worthy of the best Terrence Malick .

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Nomadland”

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“Titanium” by Julia Ducourneau

A highly controversial Palme d’Or for this transgender work that blows up the boundaries between human and machine, male and female, to the point of reinventing Vincent Lindon’s cinematic body.

A great twisted, uneasy film, which frees itself from any psychology within an almost religious story in which the question of abandonment and reinvented filiation arises.

“Green Knight” by David Lowery

Visually splendid, supported by a rigorous staging, the film confronts the virtues of an aspiring knight, nephew of King Arthur, with the force of nature, in this case a wooden creature.

A fascinating medieval, three-bladed and opaque fable that overturns the order of the world and opposes religion, belief, faith to immanence.

>> To see, the trailer for the film “Green Knight”


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Retrospective: the highlights of 2021