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For all time

1644084543 139 Review Forever Film ReviewItaly: 2019
Original title: La dea fortuna
Directed by: Ferzan Ozpetek
Screenplay: Ferzan Ozpetek, Silvia Ranfagni, Gianni Romoli
Performers: Stefano Accorsi, Edoardo Leo, Jasmine Trinca
Distribution: Destiny Films
Duration: 1h58
Genre: Drama
Release date: February 9, 2022

One of the greatest Italian directors of the moment actually has dual nationality: Ferzan Ozpetek was born in 1959 in Istanbul, he has lived in Italy since the end of the 1970s and he has Turkish and Italian nationality. In his first two films, Hammam, Turkish bath in 1997, and the last harem in 1999, he wondered about the ties he continued to have with his country of origin. Family table, his 3rd film, released in 2001, was his first truly Italian film. Since then, he has hardly returned to Turkey, he has accumulated successes and achieved in 2010, with The first who said it, one of the best Italian films of the last 20 years. Released in Italy in December 2019, where it was a big hit, For all time had to wait 2 years, because of the pandemic, to be presented to the French public.

Synopsis : Arturo and Alessandro are going through a period of crisis. Fifteen years together have eroded the passion and love that drove them. One day, Annamaria, Alessandro’s best friend, entrusts her two children to them because she has to be hospitalized for tests. A new daily life then sets in: that of an unexpected family life. Between clumsiness and moments of emotion, disputes and tension, Arturo and Alessandro take risks to protect this new love which is growing on one side, and blooming again on the other.

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A large grain of sand

When a couple’s relationship is running out of steam without having really reached the point of no return yet, the slightest grain of sand that slips into the routine can be enough to quickly lead to the total disintegration of this couple. This is what happens to the couple formed for 15 years by the plumber Alessandro and the translator Arturo, especially since the grain of sand in question is of an imposing size: while they are taking part on a Roman terrace in the party organized for the wedding of Marco and Claudio, two of their friends, Annamaria arrives from the neighboring town of Palestrina, accompanied by her two children, Martina and Alessandro. We understand very quickly that Annamaria is a great friend of Arturo and, even more, of Alessandro: it is thanks to her that they met while Alessandro and she had a relationship! And what she has to ask Arturo and Alessandro is not nothing: she has to go to the hospital to undergo a battery of exams and she would like them to be the ones who welcome her two children and occupy them during this hospital stay. It’s the grain of sand, and it’s a size!

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The positive outweighs the negative

Rather than “sweeping” the few negative sides of this film, it is probably better to address them first. First there is an opening scene that we will not understand until the very end of the film, with a camera which slowly slips through the middle of the shelves of a library and, in the background, cries for help in coming from a childish voice. Well, after all, why not, but we are still puzzled by this scene! Then, we immediately switch to the party organized on the terrace of Alessandro and Arturo’s apartment, a very confused scene, with very many characters. This confusion is probably intentional, but we can regret not understanding more quickly the links between these different characters. Finally, later in the film, we will be confronted with two scenes which give off, at the very least, a slight scent of awkwardness: first of all, the very artificial paralleling of two disputes taking place at the same time, near the one on the other, an argument between Alessandro and Arturo, an argument between brother and sister. Then, a scene that sees Arturo break down emotionally in front of the two children and tell them, when they didn’t ask for so much, all the intimacy of the couple he forms with Alessandro. Frankly, despite the excellent performance ofand Stefano Accorsi, the interpreter of Arturo, the context of this scene also makes it very artificial.

Fortunately, there is everything else which, in the end, makes the film exude great interest and a lot of emotion without flirting with pathos: the questions discreetly offered to the spectators on what the trio may have experienced Alessandro, Annamaria, Arturo in the past, the phenomena of infidelity in a couple, the toxic role that Elena, Annamaria’s mother, had in her daughter’s education, the ability that this same Elena has to conceal its cruelty, the dignified behavior of two very young children faced with a particularly difficult situation, the different ways of behaving in the face of a serious illness, whether for the patient or for his friends, the painting of the group of friends of Arturo and Alessandro with, in particular, this very delicate way of showing the Alzheimer’s of one of them. And then, there is also, there is above all the naturalness with which the director shows that the problems that a couple can encounter are in no way linked to the way they are made up. Filmmaker assumed homosexuality, Ferzan Ozpetek has in fact the habit of not getting into the game of pure and hard militancy and claiming: its characters are part of the wealthy classes and they seek only one thing: integration into society.

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A very good interpretation

In the trio of actors who interpret the main roles of For all time, Edoardo Leo, Alessandro in the film, is the least known of the three. Given the quality of his performance, one can imagine that the director, who likes to work with artists he has already “used”, will call on him again in the future. A hypothesis that can also be made concerning Jasmine Trinca, magnificent and very sensitive interpreter of Annamaria. It will be noted that it is in an important role of The son’s roomPalme d’or walking sticks in 2001, that this actress began her film career. As for Stefano Accorsithe interpreter of Arturo, he is one of the great Italian actors of the moment and he had already participated in 2 films ofOzpetek. As is almost always the case, the children’s play is remarkable, with, in particular, Sara Ciocca, the young interpreter of Martina, very strong with a really amazing look. As for the photography, really sumptuous, we owe it to Gian Filippo Corticelli.

1644084544 921 Review Forever Film ReviewConclusion

Despite a very small handful of scenes that are not completely convincing, For all time does not spoil in the rich filmography of Ferzan Ozpetek. Continuing in what is in some way his trademark, he introduces us to the intimacy of a homosexual couple belonging to the wealthy class of Italy and who, like many other couples, are entering a phase of crisis. sentimental. Very well interpreted, it also enjoys a sumptuous photography.

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Review: Forever – Film Review