RMN by Cristian Mungiu with Marin Grigore – Film review

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RMN by Cristian Mungiu with Marin Grigore, Judith State, Macrina Bârlădeanu

NMR – Synopsis

A few days before Christmas, Matthias is back in his native, multi-ethnic village in Transylvania, after quitting his job in Germany. He is worried about his son Rudi and his father, Otto, left alone and he wants to see Csilla, his ex-girlfriend, again. When the factory that Csilla manages decides to recruit foreign employees, the peace of the small community is disturbed, anxieties also reach the adults. Frustrations, conflicts and passions resurface, shattering the semblance of peace.

NMR – Review from the movie

After a Palme d’or in 2007 for “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days“, the Screenplay Prize in 2012 for “Beyond the hills” and the Prix de la direction in 2016 for “Baccalaureate”Cristian Mungiu returns to us with a strange film on the fear of the other which generally deals with the problems of migration in the world and its consequences in the countries concerned.

Why this enigma-shaped film title?

When we dig a little deeper by referring to an MRI of the brain, we learn after explanations that empathy in humans is generated on the surface of the cerebral cortex while the more primary instincts occupy the very large part of the brain. ; attitudes that we apprehend in the protagonists of this true story.

In this film, its director addresses questions of identity, the phenomena of migration that states are facing in this current period and the tensions between communities that result from it with : the precariousness of workers, unemployment, ethnic groups, the weight of religion within the community shown in this small village located in Transylvania.

NMR : this partly choral film confirms the virtuosity of its director and the vitality of Romanian cinema

Even if certain observations and truths are not pleasant to see or hear, let’s accept that they exist in France, Germany and elsewhere as it is said in this social and political docu-fiction.

As its director says, with so many ethnicities, Transylvania, which serves as the backdrop for this true story, has become the favorite playground for populist or nationalist movements of all kinds.

In the 1990s, violent tensions erupted, causing several victims.

This dramatic film also talks about Russians and Ukrainians, whites and blacks, Sunnis and Shiites, rich and poor, even big and small…

In his film, Christian Mungiu made the right choice to shoot many scenes in long sequence shots to give more credibility and veracity to this story, and that’s a good thing. This partly choral film confirms the virtuosity of its director and the vitality of Romanian cinema.

RMN: the director succeeds in translating the deepest feelings

The pacing of the film is good. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, this is perfect for giving more intensity to scenes like that of the meeting of the inhabitants with the mayor and the priest or the one where the latter discover Father Otto, hanging from a tree branch in the forest. because he was found to have a brain tumour.

With sometimes an economy of dialogues, by favoring silences which say more than speeches, the director succeeds in translating the deepest feelings buried in each of the protagonists.

If we remain reserved on the vague and certainly “poetic” finale, we can only adhere to the humanism defended by Cislla (Judith State) the main character, who wonderfully interprets an HR manager, who sees in each worker stranger, first a respectable human being.


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RMN by Cristian Mungiu with Marin Grigore – Film review