”Rocco d’Or” 2022: the palm in Zelzal, in the heart of the Sea The Stars wave

You’ve all been waiting for it, it’s here! This 2022 Rocco d’Or ranking celebrates the French stallions who have given their time and person this season, and therefore includes breeding stock who have met at least 80 mares. The prize goes to Zelzal, who with 189 mares is very strong, well helped by the exceptional season experienced by his father Sea The Stars.

Zelzal, crowned “Rocco d’Or” with 189 mares covered in 2022…

Sea The Stars, after being a legendary racehorse for John Oxx and the Tsui family, has become a benchmark for the Aga Khan’s Irish stud, Gilltown Stud. In 2022, it reaches a new level with a superstar in its production Baaeed. What’s more, this undefeated crack is a miler, while his father has a classic profile. Descended from the magical crossing with a mother by kingmamboBaaeed has similarities, and the same “cross” as two of our most active French stallions: Cloth Of Starswith 173 protrusions, and zelzalour “Rocco d’Or” 2022, with 189 mares covered at Haras de Bouquetot.

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A record season for Ectot, which is a bit of a surprise guest at the top of the table!

Zelzal did very well with his first generation 2-year-old last year, which allowed him to hit sales with high demand products. Its success is already exported to the United States, where the cruising speed and the “turn of foot” of its young shoots are very popular. Logically, it is in high demand. This is also the case of his box neighbor Ectot, which peaks at 154 projections! This is explained by the success of his 2-year-old which was not expected, and attracted breeders. The very confirmed Toronado is also in wave by its report/quality price, just like Wooded and romanisedwho still exceed 100 mares for their 2nd season, no doubt helped by the quality of their first foals conceived in Bouquetot.

1657284472 143 Rocco dOr 2022 the palm in Zelzal in the heart

With 185 mares coming to meet him near La Hêtraie, Nirvana du Berlais is the most active jumping stallion of the season.

In jumping stallions, Nirvana of Berlais has also conquered the general public with first magnificent foals and success at sales. He made 185 mares this year! His cubicle neighbor Bathyron exceeds 170 mares thanks to numerous winners and real commercial credibility for export. Another son of Monsun in France, Triple Threat He also exceeds 100 mares at Toury, having found his clientele in the Center-East, following good results over jumps. The blood of Monsun, which is legion in Ireland, but rare among us, attracts much.

1657284472 154 Rocco dOr 2022 the palm in Zelzal in the heart

Triple Threat goes from 16 mares covered in 2021, to more than 100 in 2022!

Doctor Dino, Bande, Masked Marvel, Cokoriko, Goliath du Berlais, No Risk At Allor Northern Choir, remain very popular. Among the young people of Cercy, it should be noted the increase in Karaktar, which has 140 mares, thanks to good winners at Auteuil at key times in the season, and an awakening of Anglo-Irish interest in its young foals. Among the highly anticipated Haras beginners on the jumping side, magic dream fulfills his contract at Hoguenet with 106 mares covered in the first season.

1657284472 699 Rocco dOr 2022 the palm in Zelzal in the heart

The splendid Motamarris attracted 102 mares to the Haras du Mazet…

The most requested beginner in 2022 is however in the flat register. Champion at 2 and 3 years old, Victor Ludorum was a flagship recruit at Logis, and immediately asserted himself with 155 mares covered. We must also salute the great “performance” of Motamarristhe cheapest stallion of the whole list at 1800 €, who starts with 102 mares covered! Mathieu Talleux got it right by recruiting this son of Le Havre at the Haras du Mazet next to Pompadour. His exceptional physique, which has been shown across France as a prelude to the breeding season, makes him a real winning bet. This is an unprecedented success for the Mazet, bravo!

The unstoppable that are Siyouni, Kendargentand now Galiway and goken, also keep a good popularity rating. The breeders of dishes continue to trust the youth of Etreham, led by Almanzor before Hello Youmzain and persian king. Finally, the young star Zarak is hyperactive with more than 150 matings, despite a price increase to €25,000. It was immediately confirmed by the track results of the flamboyant 3-year-old generation of the son of Zarkava. In short, 34 stallions have exceeded 100 matings, proof that the French market is still more competitive thanks to the recent rise in the quality of recruits.

1657284473 336 Rocco dOr 2022 the palm in Zelzal in the heart

Victor Ludorum is the most requested beginner at the Haras with 155 mares covered

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”Rocco d’Or” 2022: the palm in Zelzal, in the heart of the Sea The Stars wave