Ruben Östlund, Pasolini, Revenge of a Blonde… what to see in September on MUBI

The platform will also offer exclusive new short films by Yann Gonzalez.

MUBI has concocted a nice program for us in September to face the start of the school year. And to take advantage of it, we remind you that you can benefit from a free 30-day discovery offer with Première (follow this link).


The platform benefits from the release of Without filter, Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, for offering two satirical films by Ruben Östlund. The opportunity to (re)discover Force Majeure (Snow Therapy)which won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize in 2014, and The Squarethe first Palme d’or won by the Swedish director in 2017. Two gritty comedies in the most Östlund style.

MUBI also continues to honor Italian master Pier Paolo Pasolini. In addition to The Gospel according to Saint Matthewadded a few days ago, subscribers will be able to enjoy four of his films released in the 1960s: Accatone, Sexuality Survey, Birds, big and small and King Oedipus.

In a completely different register, the platform will also host A Blonde’s Revenge, the cult film starring Reese Witherspoon. And exclusively the new short film by Yann Gonzalez, hideouspresented at the Critics’ Week of the last Cannes Film Festival. This queer horror film was created in collaboration with Oliver Sim, singer and bassist of the group The xx, who teases several songs from his first solo album, hideous bastard.

The Science of Sleep (2006) Michel Gondry: September 1st

Accatone (1961) Pier Paolo Pasolini: September 2

Sexuality Survey (1964) Pier Paolo Pasolini: September 3

Last and First Men (2020) Jóhann Jóhannsson: September 4th

Letter to My Mother for My Son (2022) Carla Simón: September 5th

Hunger (2008) Steve McQueen: September 6th

Friendship’s Death (1987) Peter Wollen: September 7th

hideous (2022) Yann Gonzalez (EXCLUSIVE RELEASE MUBI): September 8

The Year of the Thirteen Moons (1978) Rainer Werner Fassbinder: September 9

Lola, a German woman (1981) Rainer Werner Fassbinder: September 10

A Blonde’s Revenge (2001) Robert Luketic: 9/11

The Girl Chewing Gum (1976) John Smith: September 12

The BlackTower (1987) John Smith: September 13

Revenge (2008) Götz Spielmann: September 14

Egomania – the island without hope (1986) Christopsh Schlingensief: September 15

beginners (2010) Mike Mills: September 16

That Obscure Object of Desire (1977) Luis Buñuel: September 17

The Three Eves (2002) Lynn Hershman-Leeson: September 18

darling darling (1965) John Schlesinger: September 19

Birds, big and small (1966) Pier Paolo Pasolini: September 20

The Man Who Came From Elsewhere (1976) Nicolas Roeg: September 21

The Night (2021) Tsai Ming-liang (MUBI EXCLUSIVE RELEASE): September 22

The Phantom of Liberty (1974) Luis Buñuel September 23

Force Majeure (2014) Ruben Östlund: September 24

The Square (2017) Ruben Östlund: September 25

King Oedipus (1972) Pier Paolo Pasolini: September 26

The Box (1996) Jes Benstock, Luke Losey: September 27th

Wood and Water (2021) Jonas Bak (MUBI EXCLUSIVE RELEASE) September 28

Dry Summer (1963) Metin Erksan: September 29

Love Steaks (2013) Jakob Lass: September 30

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Ruben Östlund, Pasolini, Revenge of a Blonde… what to see in September on MUBI