Rupert Grint teases Servant season 3 looks like a very different show

Rupert Grint, Apple TV star Servant teased that the show’s third season would look like a whole new series. Grint, known for his work as Ron Weasley in the Harry potter franchise, has taken steps to move beyond its association with the role, starring in To tear out on Crackle and make an appearance on Broadway with It’s only a game in 2014. He also joined Instagram in November 2020 to celebrate the birth of his daughter, setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest account to reach one million followers in four hours and one minute.

Servant follows Dorothy and Sean Turner, a well-to-do couple from Philadelphia who hire a woman to care for their newborn baby. The arrival of the titular servant causes strange and spooky events in the couple’s house, resulting in a tense horror that gives the show its edge. Grint plays Julian, Dorothy’s brother and functional alcoholic, who represents the outside world in the series’ narrative.

Grint, in an interview with AND Canada, talks about how the show will feel different in Season 3, highlighting the larger role of the world outside the home. He also talks about Julian sobering up and trying to be a better person, the biggest challenge for the character so far. Grint also mentions how sobriety will force Julian to deal with the guilt he feels for his role in the incident that prompts the series’ script. Read Grint’s full quote below:

“It looks like a very different spectacle… We see a little more outside the house this time, so it was kind of a glimpse of the outside world. Same for Julian, he’s very different, he’s sobered up, he’s really consciously trying to be a better person and to be healthier and to start this whole diet like exercise and everything. But also, he clears his mind so that he can really deal with the guilt he’s been holding onto since the incident… The heart of the show is about people who aren’t grieving, so that’s was really interesting to see this side of him without all his devices to distract him from it.

Servant Season 3 premieres on January 21, 2022 and has already been renewed for a fourth and final season by Apple TV. The series is produced by M. Night Shyamalan, known for his films Old and To divide, who directed several episodes, including the pilot. Servant season 2 also featured episodes directed by Julia Ducournau, who recently won the Palme d’Or for her body horror film, Titanium.

Servant represents one of the few horror offerings on the small screen, with horror being a very difficult genre to deal with, especially on a long-term serialized story, as it requires tension and fear of the unknown , which is harder to maintain the longer a story continues. Shyamalan teased Servant, implying that the new season will find horror beyond the haunted house traps of the first two seasons. The series ending decidedly after its fourth year, Servant will hopefully be able to continue the directing and dark humor that made the first two seasons so compelling.

Source: ET Canada

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Rupert Grint teases Servant season 3 looks like a very different show