Sailor and Lula (Wild at Heart) in three cult scenes

– “Hey, my snakeskin jacket! Thanks baby. Did I ever tell you that she was a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom? (Sailors)

– At least 50,000 times.” (Lula)

Sailor and Lula by David Lynch Photo: MGM

In 1990, it was Bernardo Bertolucci, president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival, who presented David Lynch with his first Palme d’or for his fifth film, Sailor and Lula. Film noir as much as passionate romance, surrealist delirium where fairies-witches and club-footed killers appear as much as hypnotic trance where Elvis and The Wizard of Oz are summoned, this work is what one might call a cult film. The proof in three insane scenes.

Flames invade the image.
Sailor and Lula by David Lynch Photo: MGM

The fire of the opening credits

In close-up, a match flares up. And while the sad and disturbing orchestral music of Angelo Badalamenti resounds, the whole screen is invaded by a blazing fire on which the names of the performers scroll.

From the outset, the tone is set: Sailor and Lula will be a fiery, wild film that is as dangerous as it is attractive.

The continuation of the fable trash and rose will confirm it as the two protagonists, who love each other madly, flee to escape… Lula’s mother, a first-class psychopath, whose husband, it must be remembered, has already perished by fire.

A man (Nicolas Cage), a microphone in his hand and a blonde woman (Laura Dern) watching him.
Sailor and Lula by David Lynch Photo: MGM

Nicholas Cage sings love meby Elvis Presley

On the run from a town between North and South Carolina to California, Sailor, wearing her python jacket, and Lula, dressed in a leather bra and lace tights, stop to dance in a punk-rock bar where the high-energy music unleashes their passions even more. But another dancer gets too close to Lula, and after settling his account, Sailor – nonchalant and suave Nicolas Cage – grabs a microphone to sing some Elvis to his sweet, blond and slender (fabulous Laura Dern ), whose lascivious swaying would make a dead man blush.

The love in Sailor and Lula is erotic and candid, musical and violent. A mix that only Lynch could pull off.

A man with slicked back hair and a fringed jacket (Willem Dafoe) holds a blonde woman (Laura Dern) by the throat.
Sailor and Lula by David Lynch Photo: MGM

Bobby Peru attacks Lula

Sailor and Lula is full of mind-blowing supporting roles, emblematic of the great bizarre and fascinating Lynchian circus. However, Bobby Peru may be their master.

Decked out in rotten snags, wearing a thin mustache and slicked back hair, Willem Dafoe is insane with a disturbing presence.

This is particularly the case in this scene where he joins Lula in his motel room and grabs him by the throat, murmuring insanities a few centimeters from his face. This terrible scene will end in a great moment of emotion as Lula, upset, slams her red shoes together, hoping – like us for her – to finally be able to see her wishes granted… like Dorothy before her.

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Sailor and Lula (Wild at Heart) in three cult scenes