Saint-Gaudens: The Laughter Festival, full of vitamins, humor and… friendship!

The CSF (Comminges Sans Frontières) team did something new this year! After two years without a demonstration (Cabaret Sans Frontères), the return could only take place in a “positive” form with humor and laughter shared. This is how on March 24, 25 and 26 the Commingeois were able to recharge their batteries and treat themselves to 3 evenings with a “positive attitude”.

Thursday: a free evening to start…

Rather rare event with a first free evening, Thursday evening, where the spectators who had wanted to move were able to discover young talents. Coming from the North and South of France, they were able to “do battle” during the impersonators and comedians competition entitled “Le tremplin du Rire”. 12 candidates at the start for an individual performance of 10 minutes each. A jury of personalities (14) among which, we noticed the presence of the director of the school of comedians of Paris, awarded a dingo of gold, silver and bronze. It was Léandre Villemaine (Tours) who won the Palme d’Or, or rather the Dingo d’Or. Louise Challenge from Le Mans wins the silver Dingo and Marianne Content, the regional (Toulouse) recovers the bronze Dingo.

Friday: place for D’JAL and Pierre-Yves Noël

D’JAL, better known among young people, entertained his fans while Pierre-Yves Noël brought our dear departed loved ones back to life in front of the public… in songs of course. No melancholy but a lot of humanity and sensitivity on edge. Emotion, especially when he confessed, like his other colleagues, to experience an immense pleasure to find himself there, live, in front of an audience that we could finally see and identify…

Saturday: Eric Baert and Titoff on the program

Eric Baert a regular (more than a regular), a friend of CSF allowed the public to listen to more than a hundred voices! A stunning performance for this imitator described as inimitable. This one gave everything as he likes to say because the public is a bit his oxygen… Generosity, humility and for many spectators a real discovery. Titoff came to add to it with the humor of the Marseilles, not to talk about Marseilles but to tell us with his own humor, the life of today through simple scenes of everyday life. There will be something for everyone during these three evenings. If we refer to the reactions of spectators who have consumed and abused these doses of humor, we can wonder why such treatment would not be reimbursed by Social Security! If everyone came out unscathed from these evenings, our 12 young talents have already reported that these moments will remain among the best memories of their young careers! Florian, Marianne, Samuel and all the others were able to experience a useful adventure from the inside for their training. “Everyone took great care of us, from the association’s volunteers, to the public and even the municipality, which received us with small gifts for each of us! (Florian).

Generosity was the red thread of this festival because the profits recorded made it possible to offer a check for 5,000 euros to the association “Un smile pour le Maroc” which will participate in the construction of a school for girls in…Morocco .

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Saint-Gaudens: The Laughter Festival, full of vitamins, humor and… friendship!