Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano: a top secret filming for Netflix at the Saint-François convent

A dream cast. Director Mélanie Laurent has set up her cameras in the Sartenais for an action film where she shares the poster with Adèle Exarchopoulos and Isabelle Adjani, which will be released on Netflix.

The Saint-François convent makes its cinema. A mysterious shooting in a place founded in the XVe century which is just as important. The film crew The Great Odalisque, carried by director Mélanie Laurent, settled in the Sartenais, from October 5 to 11 (with a break on October 8 and 9). Earlier this week, she was in Sainte-Lucie de Tallano for filming. The film with a budget of 20 million euros is produced by Gaumont. It will not be released in traditional cinemas but on Netflix next year. In addition to Mélanie Laurent, who wears the double hat of director and actress on this project, it brings together two other stars of French cinema, Adèle Exarchopoulos (The Life of AdelePalme d’Or at Cannes in 2013) in the main role, and the immense Isabelle Adjani, who also appears in the credits.

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As with any film shoot, the production has launched a casting call to find extras in Corsica. The film being important, the production asked them to remain discreet, to avoid leaks on the script. On October 6 and 7, then October 10 from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m., filming took place first in Sartène, where men between 25 and 45 were particularly wanted to be security guards. In Sainte-Lucie de Tallano, the director set the scene mainly at the convent, for a scene between her and Adèle.

Island technicians

The convent of Saint-François was awakened from its torpor. As with any blockbuster, the machinery is massive. In the village, some residents came out of their homes, intrigued to see all this equipment, landed from who knows where.

Special filming in a heritage building made available by the Collectivity of Corsica, which enabled part of the film to be made at the convent. Beyond that, it is not a stakeholder. There was no financial investment on this film. The CdC was contacted upstream by island technicians for logistical follow-up in terms of filming authorizations, indicates Nathalie Gresse, head of the promotion-training service “Corsica pole shootings”, which accompanies the productions which come to shoot on the territory in parallel with the aid fund of the direction of culture at the CdC. It has a deputy director dedicated to audiovisual, cinema and visual arts.

Confidences of Isabelle Adjani

The Netflix juggernaut refuses to communicate on the film, but we know that scenes have already been shot in Bastia, Saint-Florent and previously in Paris, La Perche (Cher) and Le Mans. In Porticciolo in Cap Corse, a fishing village has been specially recreated with many extras.

If the filming remained secret in the Sartenais, the “Queen Margot” had confided last August daily Nice-Matin on this highly anticipated new film.

The Great Odalisque is originally a comic strip published by Dupuis in 2012. A great bestseller that Mélanie Laurent wanted to adapt. Filming should begin during the month of September between Paris and Corsica. Mélanie Laurent wants to do something unexpected compared to what we usually see in Franceconfided Isabelle Adjani to our colleagues from Nice-Matin. It will be a Mission Impossible of womenstill indicated the “Queen Isabella”.

The page of the Allociné site dedicated to him reveals the synopsis: Carole and Alex are two genius thieves, and best friends forever. Expert, fearsome and seductive, nothing can resist them. Tired of living in hiding, they agree to carry out one last heist and call on the impetuous Sam to help them. They do not suspect that this mission will be very different from what they expect.did.”

Filming continued this week in the village of l’Ospédale for stunt scenes, then the film crew will then be on the side of Porto-Vecchio.

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Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano: a top secret filming for Netflix at the Saint-François convent