“Salam” by Diam’s: what we know about the documentary that will be unveiled at Cannes

The last time she appeared on stage was in 2009. A good decade later, Diam’s remains a benchmark in the world of French music and rap. His flagship albums, such as In my bubble Where Raw woman marked a whole generation of fans.

In 2022, after years of silence, the star returns to the spotlight. She co-directed a documentary film about her life with filmmakers Houda Benyamina, winner of the Golden Camera in 2016 at Cannes for divineand Anne Cisse.

Hello (“peace” in Arabic), should retrace the life of the former rapper with millions of records sold, but also her withdrawal from the scene, her crazy success and her doubts, in short. “For the first time in front of the camera, she confides, on glory, psychiatry, the quest for meaning and her conversion to Islam”, announced the production GrossX in a press release issued on April 29, 2022.

A “benevolent” documentary on the rapper

On social networks, Melanie Georgiades, her real name, explains that she has been approached several times by directors or producers who wanted to devote a film to Diam’s career and youth.

“For years, people knocked on my door asking for permission to stage my life, to play it, to interpret it. (…) I had the feeling that I was being asked to give the keys to my life so others the keys to my life so others can make a movie,” she shared in an Instagram post. She did not want her mental health to be the subject of third party produced “entertainment”.

It is therefore to “tell [sa] truth”, and not leave it “to strangers”, that Diam’s has now chosen to co-direct this documentary film. Alongside Anne Cissé and Houda Benyamina, Diam’s describes an “adventure full of benevolence”, which she masters the story better, and she is also its producer.

“For a moment, I wanted to go back in my footsteps (…). To dive back into my memories and bring them to life with my pen and the camera. To find my memory in the places that marked me, find the people who have brought me so much and who have helped me to build myself”, confided the former artist, now 41 years old, on the social network.

Surprise screening in Cannes

The project was added to the program of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 a few days before its start. Friday, April 29, on his show Boomerang, the columnist Auguston Trapenard evoked rumors of a possible return of Diam’s, but on the Croisette.

During the day, the organization of the festival confirmed the whispers in a press release, announcing that the documentary would be presented there in preview, during special sessions.

Hello will also be broadcast on GrossX, which is a partner of the 75th edition.

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“Salam” by Diam’s: what we know about the documentary that will be unveiled at Cannes