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“Sex, Lies & Video” by Steven Soderbergh

On DVD, Blu-ray and UHD 4K HDR 10, Collector’s Editions

New HD master, new and exclusive bonuses

Available February 15, 2022 at L’Atelier d’images

After a long absence, Graham Dalton returns to his native village and stays with John Millaney, his old childhood friend. Beneath an uneventful exterior, Graham has an unusual mania: collecting K7 videos on which he has recorded the testimonies of women recounting their love and sexual experiences…

The arrival of Graham, as eccentric as he is attractive, will reveal the hidden facets of an unsuspected little world.

.Who would have thought that in 1989 a small independent film at 1.2 dollers of budget for a 4-week shoot in Baton Rouge with unknown actors and a director Steven Soderbergh who was just as unknown was going to change everyone’s life the protagonists of film and independent American cinema at the same time?

However, this is what happened with Sex, lies & videodirectly Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival, embodied by a Wim Wenders in total admiration for the film slavt06h

Cruel chronicle of the state of romantic relationships between men and women from the point of view of a young 26-year-old director, Sex, lies & video was also an opportunity to discover a beginner actor, James Spader also Palme d’Or for Best Actor at Cannes and who will then have other sulphurous and significant roles from Crash to the secretary

One trip psycho‑erotic film magnificently enhanced by the music of Cliff Martinez for a film that quickly became cult, a first attempt that became a masterstroke for one of the greatest American filmmakers of the end of the 20th century that can be found in a very beautiful Collector’s edition, classy 4k Blu Ray DVD box set, published by the image workshop and full of choice supplements.

Sex lies video BRD sheath 3D NEW


A wind of freedom: presentation of the film by Philippe Rouyer (Journalist at Positif and President of the French Union of Film Critics) (23 min Sequence analysis (13 min)

EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS: UNPRECEDENTED EXTRAS: – About the film by Steven Soderbergh (2018) (7 mins) – New behind-the-scenes documentary with Andie MacDowell, Peter Gallagher and Laura San Giacomo (29 mins) – Interview between the engineer of the sound Larry Blake and composer Cliff Martinez (20 min)

ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: – Audio commentary with director Steven Soderbergh and director Neil LaBute (VOST) (1h40) – Reunion 20 years later at the Sundance festival (3 min) – Deleted scene with or without commentary by Steven Soderbergh (3 min) –

About the film by Steven Soderbergh (1990) (8 min) – Explanation of the trailers by Steven Soderbergh (1 min 29) – The 2 trailers: Soderbergh’s original (1 min 33) and Miramax’s in-house version (1 min 37) Reversible covers with the visual of the original poster

Sex lies video UHD and BRD sheath 3D NEW

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“Sex, lies & Video” On DVD, Blu-ray and UHD 4K HDR 10, Collector’s Editions – Baz’art: Films, books…