Snow therapy at the Théâtre du Rond-Point from April 19 to 24, 2022

Question the couple, the truth, the courage, the point of view, and the meaning of the language, what we say, what we do… But above all, what we say about what we have done! What is heroism or cowardice without a record of what has been said, what has been done?

SNOW THERAPY © Giovanni Cittadini Cesi

Eva and Thomas spend their holidays in a ski resort. At the top of the slopes, an avalanche is triggered. Terrifying moment. But the disaster stops a few meters away. No visible damage. However, the event cracks the couple when we interpret the reactions of each in the face of danger. The family universe is shaken and friends are torn apart. Cowardice, fear and shame take over the best intentions.

Director of Snow therapy, Salome Lelouch told in an interview with Pierre Notte :

“In the film, the avalanche is a fuse whereas in the play, it is a revealer. It is therefore not a question of telling the story of a couple that is falling apart, but rather that of a rift that opens up between two people following what could be called “snow therapy”. Have an instinctive reaction under the influence of emotion, which however will now define you in the eyes of others.

There is relief in this story! Highs and lows. Descents, a slippery subject, crevasses and ascents. Sometimes the characters are very small in a huge space, sometimes we look at them close-up in a more confined place. A mountain range, concretely, present in the background, will be the only stable element of the decor. But its size and importance will be relative. They will depend on the framing and therefore on the point of view we have of this landscape: big men or little men? It all depends on the context…”

SNOW THERAPY / Giovanni Cittadini Cesi

►►► Extract

  • Johanna: Niels is a baker.
  • Thomas lets out a sort of laugh.
  • Niels: Does that make you laugh?
  • Thomas (realizing that he could have been hurtful): No… Excuse me… That’s the way she said it… Like that… Unrelated to anything… (realizing) Are you really a baker?
  • Niels: Uh… Yes. Why ?
  • Thomas: Not for nothing. It’s… Actually, it’s stupid, but… You’re the first baker I’ve met.
  • Niels (a calm smile) And yet you eat bread?
Snow therapy
Snow therapy / Giovanni Cittadini Cesi

Salome Lelouch resumes :

“What mainly interests me are these two questions: on the one hand “And me, what would I have done in his place? » and on the other hand « And me, what would I do in her place? »

If it was her, who had run away, would that have triggered the same crisis? Do we blame a woman for lacking courage? This is a reproach that is more readily leveled at men. And even if it seems to me that she blames him less for running away than for denying it, one wonders if he would have denied it with as much force in a less “gendered” society? »

The Scandinavian Ruben Ostlund realized The SquarePalme d’or 2017. His fourth film, Snow Therapywon the jury prize at Cannes in 2014 and represented Sweden at the Oscars.

Writer, producer and theater director, Salome Lelouch orchestrates a creaking camera, an intimate and alpine epic, where the flaws of individuals are revealed and push them to the edge of the precipice

SNOW THERAPY / Giovanni Cittadini Cesi

►►► Distribution

  • Author : Ruben Ostlund
  • Adaptation: Jeanne Le Guillou, Bruno Dega
  • Staging: Salome Lelouch
  • With : Alex Lutz, Julie Depardieu, Ludivine de Chastenet, David Talbot, Claire Olier, Corentin Calmé
  • Musical direction: Antoine Sahler
  • Stage assistant: Jessica Bertha
  • Scenography: Natacha Markoff
  • Suits: Isabelle Matthew
  • Lighting creation: Jean-Luc Chanonat
  • Assisted by: Sean Seago

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Snow therapy at the Théâtre du Rond-Point from April 19 to 24, 2022