“Soon, I will join them”: Claude Lelouch confides in the death of his friends

If he still has cinema projects in mind, Claude Lelouch, 85, is convinced that he will soon bow out and join his friends “on the finish line”. Explanations.

On October 30, Claude Lelouch turned 85. The last of the giants of French cinema can be proud of having brought before his camera some of the greatest names in the 7th Art in almost 60 years of career. Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Yves Montant, Annie Girardot, Jacques Villeret, Lino Ventura: France’s most famous film buff has filmed them all with the same passion. A career celebrated by a Palme d’Or, a Golden Globe and the Oscar for best foreign film for A man and a womanin addition to the Legion of Honor and many other prestigious distinctions. turn to livewe couldn’t find a better title than this for his next documentary currently in production, a chronicle of the life of a filmmaker moved by his “belief in the incredible fertility of chaos“, as the official synopsis indicates. In Claude Lelouch’s bag, there is also a series of Love is better than life, dramatic comedy bringing together a host of stars last year, including Sandrine Bonnaire, Gérard Darmon and Kev Adams.

At 85, Claude Lelouch feels nostalgia gripping him more than ever. Especially when he thinks back to his dear friends who have passed away.Jean-Louis Trintignant was the first actor to say yes to me. We never left each otherentrusts the filmmaker to our colleagues from Entertainment TV about the star ofA man and a woman. Jojo [Hallyday]he was my brother, I grew up with him, I turned the scopitone of The idol of young people. And I’m not talking about John Paul BelmondoLino Ventura, Jacques Brel… my family is leaving. Soon I will join them, I come to the finish line.“On November 14 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, Claude Lelouch will organize a major event in tribute to his career and to his friends in the form of a film-concert. This symphonic concert will bring together 80 musicians from the Prague Philharmonic under the direction of by the Armenian pianist and conductor Vahan Mardirossian, who was heard on the album city ​​kid of Grand Corps Malade, in 2008.

This beautiful revenge on life taken by Claude Lelouch

The virus of the cinema, Claude Lelouch caught it under the Occupation. To escape the Gestapo, the future director spent whole days in dark rooms, fascinated by the films shown on a loop before his eyes. “Cinema has given meaning to my life. The great love story of my life is cinema“, explained Claude Lelouch recently in an interview with France Info. If he is so grateful to life for having spared him, it is also because his long career has allowed him to experience and film beautiful stories of love, engine of his universe.”I always fell in love during or after a shoot, not beforehe confided to Entertainment TV. Every love story is a miracle. But it wears out very quickly. Actresses are dynamite, they are the most dangerous women in the world“Rhythmic detonations to the sound of a mythical”Da ba da ba da“composed by Francis Lai and sung by Nicole Croisille. The music of love, the anthem of a lifetime of cinema.

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“Soon, I will join them”: Claude Lelouch confides in the death of his friends