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The Servant, Mad Men, Koala Man… this second week of January promises to be busy on streaming platforms. Find the whole program of new releases and the must-haves of the week in our weekly streaming guide.

January 9

Koala Man – Season 1 – Disney+

Forget Superman and Wonder Woman, here comes Koala Man. This new animated series was created by Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Needless to say that this is a series rather intended for adults.

Koala Man tells the story of David, a somewhat ordinary Australian family man who has nevertheless decided to become a superhero. But not just any superhero since he has formed a koala identity, in particular through the mask he wears.

In the original version, the casting is rather prestigious since we find among others Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, The Greatest Showman).

Other outings:

  • Game Night – Movie – Amazon Prime

January 10

Kai, the Hatchet Hitchhiker – Netflix

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This documentary tells the story of Kai, a homeless hitchhiker. In 2013, Kai saves two young women from an attack and a television crew asks him to explain what happened. During this interview, Kai shows a rather eccentric and fun personality. Quickly, the young man becomes famous and is the subject of many humorous diversions on the Internet. However, after a while, some people will realize that he’s not as fun as he looks…

Other outings:

  • Vinland Saga – season 2, the first episodes – Netflix

January 11

Escape Game 2: The World is a Trap – Amazon Prime

Streaming the program of the week Geeko

Released in 2019, the first film featured a group of people who had to play a series of deadly escape games. In this second opus, the characters find themselves once again having to play deadly games. If it is not really a horror classic, the film was a great success when it was released in theaters.

Other outings:

  • Sexify – season 2 – Netflix
  • The Test – Season 2 – Amazon Prime

January 12

Makanai: In the Maiko’s Kitchen – Season 1 – Netflix

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This new Netflix series is an adaptation of the manga La maison des maiko by Aiko Koyama. The story traces the journey of two young girls who join a boarding school for Geisha apprentices (the maiko). During this first season, we will follow their work, their complicity, but also their doubts.

The director of this series, Hirokazu Kore-eda, is known for films such as A Family Affair (Palme d’or in 2018) and Nobody Knows.

Other outings:

  • Vikings Valhalla – season 2 – Netflix
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – season 2 – Netflix

January 13

The Servant – season 4 – Apple TV+

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Broadcast since 2019, this series directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Split, Sixth Sense, The Visit) has established itself as one of the flagship content of Apple TV+. Given this director’s attraction to turnarounds, it’s rather complicated to summarize The Servant. If you’re up to date, you’ll know that the situation for the Turner family and nanny Leanne Grayson could get even more complicated. If you’re not up to date, you can always start with season 1 of this horrifying series which immerses us in the daily life of an American family who has just welcomed a mysterious nanny…

Hunters – Season 2 – Amazon Prime

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The first season took place in 1977 and traced the journey of a team of Nazi hunters who went in search of World War II butchers in America. Despite its attractive concept, the series had struggled to fully convince. Its cast is no less attractive since we find in particular Al Pacino (Scarface, The Parain), Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) or Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson).

Other outings:

  • Break Point – from the creators of Formula 1: Drivers of Their Destiny – Netflix Documentary
  • Sky Rojo – season 3 – Netflix
  • Lost Dog – Netflix
  • Superliga: The Football War – Season 1 – Apple TV+ Documentary

January 14


January 15

The Complete Mad Men – Amazon Prime

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The series had left the Amazon Prime catalog for a while, now it’s back. An essential series, Mad Men retraces the emergence of the advertising sector in New York in the 1960s. The series focuses on the communication agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and one of its strong heads: Don Draper.

Both from a scriptwriting and visual point of view, Mad Men marked the minds of many spectators. Its return to the Amazon Prime catalog is a good opportunity to discover or rediscover a classic television series.

Other outings:

  • Reservoir Dogs – Amazon Prime
  • Boulevard of Death – Amazon Prime
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas – Amazon Prime
  • Dune (1984) – Amazon Prime
  • Halloween – Amazon Prime
  • American Assassin – Amazon Prime
  • The Mist – Amazon Prime

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Streaming: the program of the week – Geeko