Superheroes in spite of himself, Red Rocket … the new cinema of February 2

Reluctant Superheroes, Red Rocket, The Young Lovers… what are the cinema releases for the week of February 2, 2022?

Every week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, and selects a few must-see releases and films (for good or bad reasons).

With the avengers by Philippe Lacheau, Julie in two chapters, the half-soft life of a porn actor, a budding writer, a crazy animated film, a departure for Shanghai and South Korean auteur cinema.

Justice League reshoots


Duration: 1h59 and 1h47

What is it about : In the 80s, a young film student who is still looking for herself falls in love with Anthony, a man as elegant as he is mysterious who hides a terrible addiction.

Why you have to see them : Above all, it must above all be said that The Souvenir Part I is inseparable from The Souvenir Part II, and vice versa (the trailer knowingly mixes the two films). Joanna Hogg is a director still unknown in France, none of her films having had the honors of a theatrical release before the end of 2021 (Condor having taken care of releasing her previous films for the holidays). However, the British filmmaker has a rather fascinating vision of cinema and in particular with her double program The Souvenir led by Honor Swinton Byrne (daughter in film and in life of Tilda Swinton).

Through the two feature films, Joanna Hogg offers a true cinematic experience. If the whole is not within everyone’s reach, as the narration is harsh and hazy in the first feature film, it is important to keep in mind that the second part is a guide providing the answers of the first chapter. Because thehe second film responds to the first in a particularly stimulating meta logical sequence and then comes to reveal the importance, the singularity, the power, of the first part.

So while we waited The Souvenir Part I since 2019 (date of its release across the Atlantic), seeing it land in our theaters only three years later, on the same day as its Part II, is almost a blessing for its survival as the experience will take on its full meaning by viewing the two films in a row (within a few hours, days or weeks). So even if it’s long and quite demanding, this double program is perhaps one of the most beautiful things you’ll see in 2022 at the cinema.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5

red rocket

Duration: 2h08

What is it about : From Mikey Saber, a lost and broke porn actor, who returns to his small hometown of Texas. Without money, without a job, without friends, he imposes himself on his ex-wife and his mother-in-law to try to recover his health. And hope for a fresh start.

Why you have to see it : Because it’s Sean Baker’s new movie, very noticed with Tangerine in 2015, and The Florida Project in 2017. Attached to this deep America, which stirs and sweats and struggles in all directions to exist and survive, he put his camera in Texas, the perfect postcard of white trash. Unsurprisingly, Baker films his characters with incredible love, whether it’s the established actors (the terrific Simon Rex) or the talent spotted on the street (notably Brenda Deiss, the stepmother, and Ethan Darbone, the neighbor).

After the lurking streets of Los Angeles and the illusory skyline of Disney World, it’s a new fable about the american dream turned into a farce (it is no coincidence that bye bye bye of the NSYNC haunts the film), which once again brings into play the relationship to sex, to bodies and to freedom – to dream, to fall, to fight. Red Rocket is certainly too long for its own goodbut there are too many scenes, mouths and energy of cinema, that it would be very sad to miss.

The Widescreen Note : 3.5/5


Duration: 1h30

What is it about : In a building, the intertwined destinies of ten neighbors struggling with the dramas, pleasures, surprises and hazards of everyday life.

Why you have to see it : Because French animation cinema is full of good surprises, proof not long ago with Ankama’s vintage tale Princess Dragon. And My neighbors’ neighbors are my neighbors goes even further in originality. After perfecting their skills on several short films, the co-directors Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand signed their first feature film while keeping their unique style.

Far from the smoother, perfectionist standards of mainstream animated films, this one multiplies animation techniques between cut-out papers, drawings, archive images and collages, for an explosive, artisanal and inventive visual. The screenplay delivers wacky slices of life, a biting humor and overexcited characters. So many good reasons to follow the debut on the big screen of the duo.

The Widescreen Note : 3.5/5

arthur rambo

Duration: 1h27

What is it about : Karim D. is a successful young committed writer, but when hate messages he had posted on social networks with his pseudonym Arthur Rambo resurface, his popularity will quickly take a hit.

Why you have to see it : Arthur Rambo is not particularly well known, he who was zapped by Cannes and Venice in 2021, and was only able to integrate the selections of Toronto and San Sebastian (without making more noise than that) during the end of year festivals summer. However, this is Laurent Cantet’s new film, Palme d’Or for Between the walls in 2007, and inevitably, there is therefore something to be intrigued by his new film. Especially since precisely, having been inspired by the Mehdi Meklat case for his Arthur Rambo, the French filmmaker continues to mix documentary and fiction.

The clever way to explore themes at the heart of current societal debates between freedom of expression and the excesses caused by social networks, as well as more intimate subjects such as loneliness, the paradoxes of celebrity, the errors of pass… It remains to be seen whether Laurent Cantet manages to offer a deep vision of society or whether he falls into heavy thinking. One thing is certain, there is no doubt that Rabah Naït Oufella is excellent.

The Widescreen note : Between passable – and good +/20

Superhero in spite of himself

Duration: 1h22

What is it about : Apprentice actor in trouble, Cédric finally lands his first role in a superhero film. One evening, when he borrows the filming car, he is the victim of an accident which causes him to lose his memory. When he wakes up, dressed in his vigilante costume and surrounded by the film’s props, he is convinced that he has become the character of the film with a perilous mission to accomplish.

Why you have to see it : Because we don’t have enough French-speaking superheroes on screen. If we squint enough, we might get Despite himself superheroes a reminiscence of How I became a superhero. And if Philippe Lacheau does not have the ambition to redefine the superhero in a tricolor iteration, he promises us at least a good slice of laughter.

For the occasion, he brings together his band, already present in Nicky Larson and the Perfume of Cupid. Fans of Tarek Boudali or Julien Arruti will appreciate seeing known faces. And if we are the first to want to be difficult, we readily admit having had a small grin during the trailer (which vacillated between the faux-fit and the truly eye-catching), which played out with a clumsy humor from the usual Marvel movie tropes.

The Widescreen Note : Only with beers and friends/20


Duration: 1h54

What is it about : Of five families in the hospital 6 of Shanghai.

Why you have to see it : In these times when the hospital reappears in conversations, when its importance is hammered perpetually, when it has once again become one of the main political issues, the cinema is organizing itself to describe it in its own way, namely in by making the symbol of a whole social organization, of which he is the guarantor. In France, The divide handled it brilliantly. The filmmaker Yé Yé starts from the same premise, by applying it – a perilous exercise – to documentaries with H6.

Formerly in charge of the “real” plans of a hospital television series (RE), she became aware before the pandemic of the symbolic significance of the place: “Immersed in the heart of this hospital, I had the impression of literally plunging into the bowels of my country, to feel its pulse, to hear its heart beat, its body vibrate”. Screened at Cannes in 2021 and acclaimed by critics for its sense of nuance, H6 could well be recognized as an essential commodity.

The Widescreen Note : SAMU/20


Duration: 1h06

What is it about : Youngho would like to become an actor, despite the pressure from his parents. When his girlfriend moves to Berlin, he takes the opportunity to take stock.

Why you have to see it : The prolific (he sometimes releases several films a year) filmmaker Hong Sang-soo is back with a new little pastille whose format is particularly suited to his minimalist style: Introduction. As in The Woman Who Got Away, The day after (the version without tsunami) or Alone on the beach at nightit is about a departure and the existential void that the characters leave behind. A real obsession for the director and screenwriter.

Those allergic to auteur cinema which takes its time will still not be convinced: the images revealed stick to its habits, with the addition of a return to black and white Hotel by the River. But the curious of all stripes are welcome: the film could well be… an introduction to his cinema. And at worst, it’s only an hour wasted.

The Widescreen note : Walks on the beach/20

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Superheroes in spite of himself, Red Rocket … the new cinema of February 2