“Survivalist”, “Alec Baldwin”, “Afghanistan”… What are the most searched words on Google in 2021?

Google unveiled the top 10 French queries on its search engine in 2021

Each year, Google unveils its list of research trends. As in 2020, French internet users have asked themselves countless questions about Covid-19 in 2021 and in particular about vaccination. But not that… Here is an anthology of the keywords most searched on the Google search engine in 2021.

The American giant has achieved a top 10 for 16 different themes. In the “all terms” category, in other words the most popular trends between 2020 and 2021, all themes combined: “Euro 2021” wins the Palme d’Or. In second position, we find “Curfew certificate”, followed by “Ligue 1”, “Roland Garros”, “Quickly my dose” or even “sanitary pass”. This top reflects the ever greater interest of the French for sport and necessarily for the Covid-19 pandemic, in the midst of a health crisis.

In the topic “Information / News”, the keyword “Afghanistan” was the most searched. “Bitcoin”, “Charcot’s disease”, “Yellow storm warning” and “Delphine Jubillar” completed the top 5.

The most searched public figure on Google in 2021 is Ary Abittan, actor and comedian accused of rape in November. The political scientist Olivier Duhamel and the actor Richard Berry, both accused of incest, are also part of the top 5. To believe that a nomination in this ranking is rather a bad sign… Fortunately, the star of the round ball Kylian Mbappé comes to improve this top, just like Rafael Nadal (7th) or Thomas Pesquet (10th).


The French also like to use Google as a dictionary. The most sought-after definition was the word “Survivalist”, denoting an individual who is preparing for a natural disaster. Here too, we can say that this research is in the era of time … The terms “Half-gauge”, “Hybrid”, “ERP” and “Wokism” have also aroused the curiosity of Internet users.

In the category of actors, the unfortunate Alec Baldwin, involved in a fatal accident on set, is leading the search. For his part, the happy Alain Delon proves that he is still very popular with the French by coming second. Corinne Masiero, noted for being naked during the Caesar ceremony, is third. She is followed in this ranking by Audrey Fleurot and Brahim Bouhlel.

Daft Punk in top

Among the most sought-after musicians, “Daft Punk”, who announced the separation of the duo last February, “Barbara Pravi”, second in the Eurovision Song Contest, “Vianney”, “Julien Clerc” or even “Françoise Hardy” .

In the black series of disappearances: Bernard Tapie, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Patrick Juvet, Tonton David and Yves Renier have been sought.

“Squid Game”, “Lupine”, “Tomorrow belongs to us”, “Here everything begins” and “Peppa Pig House” form the top 5 in the television / series category.

Unusual questions

Among the most asked questions: “How to get the health pass?” “,” When does Macron speak? “,” If contact, what to do? “Or” How to calculate your BMI? “.

It’s in the “why?” “That we find the most unusual research:” Why were chainsaws invented? “(Sic),” Why is the sky yellow? “Or” Why were cereals created? “. If you don’t have the answers to all of these essential questions yet, you know what you need to do.


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“Survivalist”, “Alec Baldwin”, “Afghanistan”… What are the most searched words on Google in 2021?