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In the race to obtain theOscar for best foreign language filmThe Perfect Boss is a film that represents Spain at the awards ceremony. The Oscars in 2022Other films competing for the list of five films likely to win the coveted golden statuette at the 2022 Oscars is E ‘stato la mano di Dio (The Hand of God) by Paolo Sorrentino. The Oscars. The film, directed by Fernando Leon from Aranoa, already famous for other works such as Escobar e Perfect dayJavier Bardem plays one of his most convincing performances of his career, after his incredible success in the film. This is not a country for the old, in which his performance was considered, by a team of critics and psychologists, as the most iconic and perfect representation of madness in the world of cinema; in a completely different cinematic rendering of the greatest success of his career, Javier Bardem absolutely convinced in a film which certainly has the spectators to nourish high expectations, in view of the release of the film in Italy, scheduled for the 23 December 2021. It’s interesting to find out everything there is to know about the movie product in terms of plot, cast, and other information.

The plot of The Perfect Boss

The perfect boss stars Javier Bardem who plays the role of BlancoMr Blanco is the owner of a historic Spanish company that produces industrial scales, but his entry into the business is accompanied by the presence of an old two-pan scale that is about to be worn out. Known by all for his great magnanimity and incredible humanity, which allow him to compete for a local excellence award, Blanco is, in reality, a fine manipulator who goes beyond all possible ethical limits, both on a personal level and, above all, , at work. To succeed and increase the productivity of his company as much as possible, the boss of the famous company of industrial scales does not hesitate to try to interfere in the personal lives of his employees, by questioning their certainties and their beliefs.

In addition, it shows how able to do anything to improve productivity and win its coveted prize. However, the boss’s series of comedic mistakes and catastrophes put his position in jeopardy, especially from a business perspective, and Blanco will have to prove that he really is a perfect boss, not just by appearances but by a concrete action plan that will convince the jury and its employees.

The best films in competition for the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2022.

The perfect boss is the film chosen by the Spain to represent the nation in the context of the The Oscars of 2022in the category of best international film. If the year 2022 will be characterized by the presence of many films of great value, which will compete for the coveted statuette, Spain will be able to count on the performance of a Bardem who certainly seems to be reborn after the great efforts that have affected him. throughout his career, in roles of great value, among which stands out his famous performance in No Country for Old Men.

Recently, the Spanish actor was also seen in Dunein which he plays the role of Stilgar, leader of the Fremen, on the big screen. Among the many films that will challenge Spain at the Oscars 2022, there is also … It was the hand of God by Paolo Sorrentinohas been chosen by Italy to represent the country for the shortlist selection, which will be made by the 2022 Oscars jury after viewing all the films submitted. Other works that are certainly worth mentioning and which could win an award include TitaniumFrench auteur film which won the Palme d’Or at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

The Perfect Boss Cast

Beyond theinterpretation of Javier BardemUndoubtedly considerable in its content, The Perfect Boss is nourished by the presence of other actors who make up the film in an ideal way. The site spanish film actors includes the following names: Javier Bardem, Almudena Amor, Manolo Solo, María de Nati, Mara Guil, Óscar de la Fuente, Sonia Almarcha, Celso Bugallo, Fernando Albizu, Tarik Rmili, Rafa Castejón, Daniel Chamorro, Martín Páez, Yaël Belicha, Dalit Streett Tejeda.

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synopsis, film cast with Javier Bardem