TELERAMA CINEMA FESTIVAL Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, January 18, 2023, Saint-Brevin-les-Pins .


2 Avenue des Frères-Lumière Cinéjade Saint-Brevin-les-Pins Loire-Atlantique Cinéjade 2 Avenue des Frères-Lumière
2023-01-18 – 2023-01-18
Cinéjade 2 Avenue des Frères-Lumière
Loire Atlantique

The 25th edition of the Film Festival organized by AFCAE and Télérama in partnership with BNP Paribas will take place from January 18 to 24, 2023.

For 25 years, the AFCAE and Télérama have been organizing the Télérama/AFCAE Cinema Festival in January, offering a selection of the 15 “best films of the year” in the Art et Essai rooms, chosen by the magazine’s editorial staff, as well as than the film Coup de Coeur for those under 26, at a very advantageous price on presentation of the pass dedicated to the event.
For the past 6 years, this selection has been supplemented by films presented in preview, chosen in consultation with the AFCAE.

An always very attractive price, 4€ per session!

This event, unique in its national dimension, has become, over the years, an important event at the beginning of the year, allowing a new major exhibition for auteur films of the past year.

In the program :
Armageddon Time VOST
Wed 6: 8:30 p.m.; Fri 20: 1.50 p.m.; Tue 24: 4:15 p.m.
A very personal story of an 1980s Queens boy’s coming of age, the strength of family, and the generational quest for the American dream.

No Bear VOST
Thu 7: 2 p.m.; Fri 20: 6.15 p.m.; Mon 23: 5 p.m.
In an Iranian village near the border, a director witnesses a love story while filming another.
Will tradition and politics get the better of both?

Chronicle of a temporary liaison
Thu 7: 4.10 p.m.; Sun 22: 8:45 p.m.; Tue 24: 8:30 p.m. Audio description.
A single mother and a married man become lovers.
Committed to seeing each other only for fun and not experiencing any feelings of love, they are increasingly surprised by their complicity…

In Body
Fri 20: 8.30 p.m.; Sat 21: 5:15 p.m.; Sun 10:15 p.m. Audio description.
Elise, 26, is a great classical dancer.
She gets injured during a show and learns that she can no longer dance.
From then on her life will be turned upside down, Elise will have to learn to repair herself…
Between Paris and Brittany, according to encounters and experiences, disappointments and hopes, Elise will get closer to a contemporary dance company.
new way of dancing will allow him to find a new impetus and also a new way of living.

The Night of 12
Sun 22: 4.10 p.m.; Mon 23: 8.30 p.m.; Tue 24: 2 p.m. Audio description.
At the PJ, each investigator comes across a crime that he cannot solve and which haunts him.
For Yohan it’s Clara’s murder.
The interrogations follow one another, the suspects are not lacking, and Yohan’s doubts continue to grow.
Only one thing is certain, the crime took place the night of the 12th.

Passengers of the Night
Thu 7: 6:15 p.m.; Fri 20: 4.05 p.m.; Tue 24: 8:30 p.m. Audio description.
Paris, 1980s. Elisabeth has just been left by her husband and has to take care of the daily life of her two teenagers, Matthias and Judith.
She finds a job in a night radio show, where she meets Talulah, an idle young girl whom she takes under her wing.
Talulah discovers the warmth of a home and Matthias the possibility of a first love, while Elisabeth invents her path, perhaps for the first time. All of them love each other, struggle… their life started again?

Without Filter VOST – Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2022.
Wed 6: 5:40 p.m.; Thu 7: 8:30 p.m.; Mon 23: 2 p.m.
After Fashion Week, Carl and Yaya, a couple of models and influencers, are invited on a yacht for a luxury cruise.
While the crew takes great care of the vacationers, the captain refuses to leave his cabin as the famous gala dinner approaches.
Events take an unexpected turn and the balance of power is reversed when a storm rises and endangers the comfort of the passengers.

The Fabelmans VOST – Preview.
Sat 21: 8:05 p.m.
The young, Sammy Fabelman, dreams of becoming a director.

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Cinéjade 2 Avenue des Frères-Lumière Saint-Brevin-les-Pins
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