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Finally a full cinema year! Something that hadn’t happened since 2019. So here are my 10 favorite films out of the 90 seen during this year 2022.

Fiction movies:

01. Without filter – Ruben Östlund

Without-filter-Photo The best movies of 2022

Another Palme d’Or at Cannes for Ruben Östlund! With Without filter, he offers us a crazy satire, a stupid and wicked but exhilarating film. In short, I enjoyed myself! (full review)

02. Elvis – Baz Luhrmann

elvis-photo The best movies of 2022

Despite a fairly classic star destiny, Baz Luhrman manages to make this biopic a totally enjoyable moment of cinema, paying tribute as it should to this rock star full of excess and extravagance. (full review)

03. Warsaw 83 – An affair of state – Jan P. Matuszynski

warsaw-83-photo The best movies of 2022

Warsaw 83, a state affair or the true story of a student murdered by the Jaruzelski police in 1983. A film that unfolds with precision the key elements of this drama, telling how the regime in place has implemented everything to hush up the matter. (full review)

04. As Bestas – Rodrigo Sorogoyen

as-bestas-photos The best movies of 2022

A punchy film from 2022, As Bestas, the high-tension and very controlled thriller from Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen will not leave anyone indifferent. (full review)

05. Leila and her Brothers – Saeed Roustaee

leila-and-her-brothers The best films of 2022

Saeed Roustaee confirm with Leila and her brothershis new feature film (returned empty-handed from Cannes 2022), that he is a leading filmmaker on the international scene. (full review)

06. Nightmare Alley – Guillermo del Toro

Nightmare-Alley-Photo Best Movies of 2022

With Nightmare Alley, Guillermo del Toro offers us a model of old-school film noir with a haunting and poisonous story around the inglorious destiny of a manipulator. (full review)

07. Freaks Out – Gabriele Mainetti

freaks-out-photo2 The best movies of 2022

The film by Italian Gabriele Mainetti which immerses us in the middle of the Second World War in the footsteps of five characters endowed with supernatural powers. A thrilling fantasy adventure film! (full review)

08. The Cairo Conspiracy – Tarik Saleh

The-Cairo-Conspiracy-pictures Best movies of 2022

Screenplay Prize at the last Cannes Film Festival, The Cairo Conspiracy confirms the talent of the Swedish filmmaker Tarik Salehdenouncing in a captivating politico-religious thriller the excesses of power in Egypt. (full review)

09. Apollo 10 ½, the rockets of my childhood – Richard Linklater

appolo-10-linklater Best movies of 2022

To see (absolutely) on Netflix, an animated film inspired by the childhood memories of director Richard Linklater which tells the life of a kid in the suburbs of Houston in the 1960s. A little Proust madeleine for boomer, totally irresistible. (full review)

10. Black Market – Abbas Amini

Marche-noir-photo The best movies of 2022

For his first feature, Black Market, Abbas Amini offers us a thriller dealing with money trafficking, generational conflicts and guilt in an Iran victim of inflation. A breathtaking and very successful film noir. (full review)

10. Decision to Leave – Park Chan-Wook
11. Red Rocket -Sean Baker
12. NMR – Cristian Mungiu
13. mazes – Bogdan George Apetri
14. The Repentants – Iciar Bollain
15. November – Cedric Jimenez
16. Boop -Jordan Peele
17. El buen patron – Fernando Leon de Aranoa
18. State Scandal Investigation – Thierry de Peretti
19. The promises -Thomas Kruithof
20. Full time – Stephane Brize

The documentaries :

01. Michael Cimino – An American Mirage – Jean-Baptiste Thoret
02. And I love to fury – André Bonzel
03. Chicken fries – Yves Hinant and Jean Libon
04. The Super 8 Years – David Ernaux-Briot
05. Return to Reims (Fragments) – Jean-Gabriel Periot
06. Flee – Jonas Poher Rasmussen
07. Jane by Charlotte -Charlotte Gainsbourg

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