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Fans of magic, in the middle of self-questioning or still want to know the origins of your heroes? We present you a list dedicated to Young Adult albums. The Young Adult is all books aimed at an adolescent audience.

🐾Teen Titans

Raven Roth’s life has changed. An accident, the death of her adoptive mother, amnesia… Although she is gradually recovering her memories, she now has to digest the idea of ​​being the demon daughter Trigon and own some supernatural gifts which she is still struggling to control. On his side, Garfield Logan struggles to realize that the tests performed on him as a child have conferred extraordinary abilities but unpredictable: the power to transform into any animal.

A comprehensive account of an amnesiac teenage girl’s quest for identity and theself-acceptance.

teen titans


🤪 Harley Quinn Breaking Glass

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A complete story about Harley Quinn’s youth, with a finesse of line, expressiveness of the characters, dynamism of the cutting and a lively and catchy coloring.


It is with a good dose of recklessness but barely five greenbacks in her pocket that the young Harleen Quinzel arrives, alone, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world: Gotham City. From the top of her fifteen years, and from a lot of bad experiences, nothing seems to be able to impress her. Taken in by Mama, a drag-queen with a heart of gold, Harleen comes to terms with her new life, her future best friend Ivy and the new problems that are imposed on her: injustice, intolerance, violence… Also, when her maid’s cabaret fairy Mama becomes the new victim of entrepreneurs without qualms, Harleen changes her tone. However, one question remains unanswered: put your rage at the service of action, yes, but alongside whom? The pacifist activist Ivy or the anarchist and very enigmatic Joker?

🌙 Catwoman Under the Moon

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A story about emancipation and self-building, despite the trauma of domestic violence and bad influences.


If life has taught Selina one thing, it’s that she’s much stronger than she thought. For nearly fifteen years, she had to deal with her mother’s love choices, each more disastrous than the other. But Dernell, her latest “stepfather” to date, really holds the gold medal: violent, misogynistic, focused on the bottle… Impossible for her to stay a second longer under the same roof as this man. Selina discovers, however, that living on the streets is far from easier. Between good and bad encounters, the young woman will have to make choices, because if comfort is sometimes tempting, is she really ready to do anything to obtain it? Does being part of a group necessarily imply losing one’s independence? Selina Kyle may figure out how to survive the day-to-day, but will she figure out how to be a good person?


🧭 Midwest

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Since his mother’s departure, Abel has been brought up with an iron fist by a grief-stricken father. One word, one gesture, one confrontation too many, which will leave deep scars in Abel’s heart and, on his chest, an indelible mark. Accompanied by his most faithful friend, a “Jiminy Cricket” looking like a fox, the young boy will choose to flee to better rebuild himself far from his father’s violence. A journey through a fantastic country marked by ever more extraordinary encounters, during which Abel will have to ask himself the right questions if he wants to overcome his past mistakes and reconcile with his family history.

A fantastic adventure as a metaphor for the transition to adolescence!


💪Wonder Woman Legendary

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A quest for identity that from ancient myths to the First World War covers the evolution of the young Amazon.

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Born of Queen Hippolyte’s deep desire to have a child, Diana lived her first years between four walls, her cheekiness and inexhaustible curiosity nevertheless constantly pushing her towards the outside world. The obligations linked to her rank and the destiny that the Amazons have already mapped out for her do not suit her. She is convinced of it, her future is elsewhere, and her meeting with pilot Steve Trevor will only confirm her feelings. Because even the heart of the legendary Wonder Woman does not escape the adage: he has his reasons that reason ignores, and he is ready to lead her to the end of the world! Discover

⛅ Supergirl Being Super

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A story that intelligently deals with adolescence, self-construction and the transition to adulthood.

At sixteen – at least, that’s about the age she thinks she is – Kara would like to be as carefree and self-assured as Jennifer and Dolly, her two best friends. The two young women know what they want and what they are, unlike Kara, who nevertheless seems to have everything to be happy, in particular loving adoptive parents who have never feared her difference. However, the first eight years of her life remain an enigma that never ceases to haunt her nights, and the loss of her powers when she needed them most will only accentuate her unhappiness and deep questioning. The road to the truth is still long.

☀️Batman Nightwalker

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A complete graphic novel about the youth of Bruce Wayne!

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At eighteen, Bruce Wayne is far from being a young man like the others. If money does not buy everything, it at least allows the orphan to quench his thirst for justice by fighting crime day and night, sometimes even to his own detriment. Arrested and sentenced to community service while trying to stop the “Nightwalkers”, Bruce is sent to the penitentiary center for unstable criminals: Arkham Asylum. There he meets the disturbing Madeleine, who reveals to him that she is in contact with the gang that terrorizes Gotham. The Nightwalkers are targeting the city’s powerful, and Bruce’s name is next on their list…

🔥 Sleepless

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An impossible romance, breathtaking intrigues and a touch of magic for a bewitching result.


In the Kingdom of Harbeny, the venerable King Verato breathed his last. While her brother has just been crowned as new regent, many see Princess Licottia, illegitimate daughter of the late sovereign, as a major threat to the throne.
A first assassination attempt against him then inaugurates a new chapter in his life, punctuated by multiple betrayals. Fortunately, the young woman benefits from the protection of her faithful sleepless knight, Cyrenic the sleepless. Both will then strive to discover who are the sponsors of this vile plot, navigating the dangerous waters of life at court and their growing feelings for each other.


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At first glance, Wynd is a young boy like the others. He leads a quiet life in Pipetown, and likes to spend his free time watching the son of the royal gardener who does not leave him indifferent. But Wynd also has a secret: magic runs through his veinsand his pointed ears are an outward sign of this, which he must not, under any circumstances, show in broad daylight. He will embark on a perilous adventure during which he will discover the full extent of his extraordinary powers but where the shadow of the one called the skinned will never be far away.

The quest of a young wizard discovering his powers in a kingdom where magic is forbidden! WYND approaches with great benevolence and hope malaise, misunderstanding and lack of trust.



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The Best Young Adult Stories – Reading List – Urban Comics