The ‘casseroles of gold’: the Christmas scams pinned by Foodwatch

Lumpfish eggs, foie gras, confit of onions, diced salmon, flavored drink…: the products which are traditionally invited to the Christmas table are sometimes sold at an unusually high price, without their composition being virtuous, deplores Foodwatch.

Deluxe Diced Salmon (Lidl): 63% empty packaging

Are you going to buy diced salmon, foie gras or lumpfish roe for your New Year’s Eve? If so, the latest communication from the NGO Foodwatch will interest you. In his latest salvo, Foodwatch pin five products that she considers unusually expensive, deceptively packaged or even contain ingredients that are not good for your health. First of all, the lumpfish roe from the Nordland brand. Not only is it fake caviar, but this product is sold very expensive (54.50 euros per kilo), and it is full of additives. It contains in particular E150d (ammonium sulphite caramel), containing a substance suspected of being carcinogenic, but also E211 (sodium benzoate), which can cause allergic reactions and promotes hyperactivity.

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There are also the diced salmon of the Deluxe brand (Lidl). The problem with this product: its deliberately large packaging hints at the promise that it is fulfilled. In reality, it is not, it is 63% empty, calculated Foodwatch.

A disproportionately expensive onion confit

Already criticized, foie gras also sometimes contains nitrites – © margouillat photo

The NGO is also pinning the onion confit of the Labeyrie brand, which it describes as a “little pot with big recipes”. The reason ? In supermarkets, Labeyrie merchandisers place this product next to foie gras. Thanks to this golden location, the brand can sell its onion confit for between 30 and 40 euros per kilo. It’s up to four times more expensive than confit onions from other brands, relegated to another section, notes Foodwatch.

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The foie gras itself does not escape the wrath of Foodwatch either. The NGO, which targets Foie Gras de la Marque Repère (E.Leclerc), denounces the presence of a preservative, sodium nitrite, which can contribute to the formation of carcinogenic compounds in our stomach. Finally, in the flavored drinks department, Foodwatch is pinpointing the “Oasis peach apricot” bottles because among the ingredients is palm oil.

On its website, Foodwatch invites you to vote for the Casserole d’Or, the worst holiday scam ever.

Banner illustration: Avoid scams on Christmas products – © Subbotina Anna

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The ‘casseroles of gold’: the Christmas scams pinned by Foodwatch