The Cheetah (Arte): this mythical scene that inspired Martin Scorsese

I could mention Cheetah for hours. It’s a film that has become more and more important to me over the years.” These words are signed Martin Scorsesea true fan of the feature film by Luchino Visconti released in 1963. For the Italian-American director, it is a masterpiece on Sicilya (…) meditation on eternity, and a historical tapestry of incredible richnessmeticulously composed and filmed in 70mm”. “The landscapes, the extraordinary sets with their meticulously selected objects, the costumes, the ceremonial and the rituals… Everything is done to make us apprehend and deeply measure the passage of time, while the whole film culminates ina prom sequence lasting one hourwhere you can feel, through the eyes of Prince Salina, a whole art of living fading and disappearing”he continued in remarks reported in 2017 by Allocinated.

One of Martin Scorsese’s favorite films

Asked by the American film publisher Criterion, Martin Scorsese had made the list of his ten favorite films and the feature film in which Alain Delon radiates, like Claudia Cardinale, was one of them. He is so passionate about Cheetah that he had proposed a restoration which was broadcast in 2010 on Orange Ciné Géants, as reported First. But Martin Scorsese did not stop there. Since, in fact, his film The Age of Innocence would never have been the same without the existence of the Cheetah by Visconti. The ball scene inspired him for the film released in 1993, in which he had directed Daniel Day Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. Yet the scenarios were significantly different. In The Age of Innocence, Martin Scorsese told the story of a man who shared his life between two women, between two worlds. The plot takes place in New York. However, there was one thing in common: the era, 1860 for Cheetah1870 for The Age of Innocence.

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He entered the dance

The source of inspiration is claimed and evident by the American director. Last May, when Cheetah landed on Netflix, Telerama had decided to devote an entire article to the mythical ball scene in which we found Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale and Burt Lancaster.Cheetah quickly became a cult movie for just about everyonebut perhaps even more so for American cinema, whose Hollywood model was in crisis in the 1960s”explained the journalist Michel Bezbakh. The Godfatherof Francis Ford Coppola (1972), and Journey to the End of Hellby Michael Cimino (1978), open with dantesque wedding scenes, which are obviously inspired by the ball orchestrated by Visconti”, he observed. Before concluding : “But it is undoubtedly Martin Scorsese who was most marked by this film. (…) Just see The Age of Innocence to understand.”

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The Cheetah (Arte): this mythical scene that inspired Martin Scorsese