The cinema outings of Wednesday, December 7: Puss in Boots 2, Our brothers, Maestro(s)

On December 7, 2022, Wednesday will be children’s day. Eleven years after the first part, The Puss in Boots is back in dark rooms with a second opus entitled The last quest. Always helped by his accomplice Kitty Pattes de Velours, he must face the terrible Goldilocks and his gang, or even the Big Bad Wolf. Reda Kateb, amazingly committed to Outstanding, the highly requested Lyna Khoudrior Raphael Personnaz share the poster of Our brothers. The movie of Rachid Bouchareb looks back on the days following the deaths of Malik Oussekine and Abdel Benyahia, killed by police in 1986. Finally, Master(s) stage Yvan Attal (who recently opened up about his relationship with his father) and Pierre Arditi, which play a son and his father, both conductors. When the first is chosen for a very important position coveted by the second, their relationship becomes complicated. So, which novelty will attract the most viewers?

Puss in Boots 2: The Last Quest

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When he learns that he only has one life left of the nine that any cat has, Puss in Boots goes in search of the wishing star to gain longevity. In his quest, he will be able to count on the support of Kitty Pattes de Velours, his accomplice from the first opus, and Perro, an adorable little mutt with contagious optimism. Their help will not be useless since he will have to escape the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf, beat Goldilocks at the head of the Three Bears gang and Big Jack Horner, both of them determined to seize the star that will grant their dearest wish. Between pure action scenes, emotional moments and gags galore, this sequel to the adventures of Puss in Boots will delight children and their parents alike. We purr with pleasure!

Our brothers

Reconstruction of the days following the death of Malik Oussekine and Abdel Benyahia, murdered by police in 1986, this new film from the director ofNative arouses indignation in the face of police methods as well as political reactions. Rhythmed by the images of the JT of the time, served by an unbalanced interpretation, it nevertheless advances without surprise in its register of film-dossier.

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Both conductors, François Dumar (Pierre Arditi) and his son Denis Dumar (Yvan Attal) have conflicting relationships. When the father thinks he has been chosen to run La Scala and it is the son who is finally asked for the position, the situation escalates… Alas, the wickedness of Pierre Arditi (which we misunderstand) fails to make people believe for a single second in the stakes and the misunderstanding falls very quickly.

Falcon Lake

Bastien, a shy 13-year-old Parisian, arrives in the adult world thanks to Chloé, a morbid 16-year-old teenager, during his vacation in Quebec. A meeting that pushes him to surpass himself and to find a place for himself in an environment that is not his own… This first film accurately illustrates the injunction towards adolescents to sexuality but only really gains in depth in the last few minutes.

The lucky stars

Two child traffickers take in a baby abandoned by its mother. But when she changes her mind, everyone joins forces to find an ideal family. Japanese Kore Eda (A family affair, 2018 Palme d’Or) tackles a serious subject with delicacy and humour. Embellished with a dose of thriller, the result looks like a masterpiece.

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A few days before Halloween, Angela, Char’s mother, inexplicably disappears, only to reappear the next day. But is it really good in this guise or a malevolent force? The bet to explore a Gaelic folklore that we know little about was original and promising. A scary film where the mayonnaise does not however take enough, or at least falls. And too many questions remain unanswered.

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The cinema outings of Wednesday, December 7: Puss in Boots 2, Our brothers, Maestro(s)