The event (Canal+): why you shouldn’t miss this drama crowned with the Golden Lion in Venice

On September 11, 2021, The eventa film directed by the young Audrey Diwan, is crowned with the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. A few months after the Palme d’Or awarded to Titanium by Julia Ducournau (“superficial provocation”, for some filmmakers), it is a certain French cinema, young, committed and feminine that finds itself in the spotlight of film lovers around the world. This evening, at 9.10 p.m., the Canal+ channel is broadcasting The event. The opportunity to return to this remarkable film and which should not be missed.

The event : a story that grips the guts

Nominated four times for the Césars, The eventt follows the daily life of young Anne. In Angoulême in the early 1960s, she dreamed of studying literature. With her friends, she talks about boys, outings, studies and learning difficulties. Except this café owner’s daughter soon finds out she’s pregnant. This is the drama. She is not married to the dad. And above all, she refuses to have to put an end to her studies for the baby. She then plans to have an abortion. but in the society of the time, it was not only totally forbidden, but also particularly frowned upon. The film follows her on this obstacle course, of dull and terrible violence, and of constant tension. For her story, the director Audrey Diwan adapts one of the leading novels of the French writer Annie Ernaux (the latter moreover approved the transposition). But above all, she makes it a real cinematographic work, with a hyper-controlled production and a camera always very close to her heroine, as if to symbolically show the walls between which society constantly seeks to lock her up.

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The event: great actresses

Besides confirming the talent ofAudrey Diwan (co-screenwriter of the shock and controversial film Bac Nord, she had already signed the endearing But you are crazy, with Pio Marmai), The event imposes its mark by staging a gallery of formidable actresses. In the main role, the Franco-Romanian Anamaria Vartolomei is exceptionally strong and stubborn. With clenched jaws, a determined look, she embodies a very endearing character, who asserts herself by emancipating herself and crossing the border of the unacceptable. In the role of her more or less faithful friends, Luana Bajrami, Louise Orry-Diquero and Louise Chevillotte are also perfect. We should see them again very soon in multiple roles!

The event: a subject that always causes scandal

Whether The event does not seek to lay heavy emphasis on the parallels between its history and the present day, the viewer cannot help thinking about it. In many places in the world, the right to abortion is violently attacked. On June 24, the American Supreme Court thus authorized the States to adopt their legislation in this area, thus opening the door to a terrifying setback for women who will be deprived of the right to dispose of their bodies. Apart from any current context, The event is a superb, dense, bitter and powerful film. But when in addition his words seriously resonate with our world, there is no longer any reason to deprive yourself. And we would go even further, it would be a shame to miss it!

A film to discover on Canal+

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The event (Canal+): why you shouldn’t miss this drama crowned with the Golden Lion in Venice