The filmmaker Laurent Cantet, Palme d’Or 2008 in Cannes, was at the Mégarama Chalon for the preview of his new film, “Arthur Rambo” – Chalon-sur-Saône et Saône et Loire

Association Chalonnaise pour le cinéma, La Bobine made an appointment on Monday at 7:30 p.m. for the preview of “Arthur Rambo”, the latest film by director Laurent Cantet, which tells the story of the descent into hell of a promising young novelist from the suburbs, also author of hate tweets. More details with Info Chalon.

In his eyes, the pseudonym of Arthur Rambo was just a joke on Twitter, a hate character invented in adolescence, engaged in a race for the right word, the worst xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic insult, to make people laugh friends on social networks. But, when Arthur Rambo’s signed tweets emerge again a few years later, Arthur has become Karim D., a young adult from the suburbs and a promising novelist. For an evening, his life changes from a young literary prodigy to an infrequent character.

The descent into hell of young Karim D. against a background of social networks is the subject of “Arthur rambo», The new feature film by Laurent Cantet, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2008 for “Between the walls“.

This film, presented this Monday December 13 at 7:30 p.m. in preview at the Mégarama Chalon, an evening organized by La Bobine and in the presence of the director, has already caused a sensation at the Festival of San Sebastian, in Spain, at the end of September.

As Laurent Cantet explains during the debate which took place just after the broadcast of the film animated by Chantal Thévenot, president of the Coil, “Arthur ramboIs inspired, in part, by the story of Mehdi Meklat in 2017, former journalist for Bondy Blog and France Inter.

From this framework, the filmmaker invented the story of this young successful novelist and confronts him with the ruthless world of social networks.

A character brilliantly interpreted by a Rabah Naït Oufella that bursts the screen.

Who is he really?

The young literary prodigy that we discover at the beginning of the film or this hateful man, author of tweets all more filthy than the others?

While the congratulatory messages give way to an online surge of disgust and dissociation towards the young man, the support will come from a novelist friend of the young Karim D., played by Anne Alvaro.

You are just learningShe told him in substance.

In its direction, the film stays as close as possible to its character, who has just entered adulthood, confronts him with his contradictions, the scope of his words and his real intentions.

The image is dressed in messages published on social networks, those who instantly make and break the glories. Laurent Cantet always succeeds in remaining in the nuance and delivers a social film both touching and terrible on the impact of social networks and the way in which we individually stage it.

160 people went to Mégarama Chalon for this preview, including 60 students from the agricultural high school of Fontaines and Emmanuelle Dupuit-Pinto, vice-president of Grand Chalon in charge of culture and the development of student life.

Arthur rambo»By Laurent Cantet, theatrical release February 2, 2022.

Karim Bouakline-Venegas Al Gharnati

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The filmmaker Laurent Cantet, Palme d’Or 2008 in Cannes, was at the Mégarama Chalon for the preview of his new film, “Arthur Rambo” – Chalon-sur-Saône et Saône et Loire