The four films we recommend during these All Saints holidays

The French no longer go to the cinema it seems. In September, 7.38 million admissions were recorded by the CNC, i.e. 34.3% less than in September 2019, before the start of the health crisis. It’s the worst September since 1980, not counting September 2020, in the middle of covid.

Faced with these catastrophic attendance figures, the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) launched a communication campaign on Wednesday “We all have a good reason to go to the cinema”.

The objective is “to encourage the French to go to the cinema in even greater numbers, by emphasizing the incomparable experience of the cinema and the collective emotion of discovering a film on the big screen”. .

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You still have to find your way around in a plethoric offer. In September, 54 films were released in cinemas, ie 14 per week on average. We decided to do the sorting, to retain only five titles! Four films that we advise you to discover during these All Saints holidays.

  • 1 Close

  • (Copyright Minuet/Diaphana Films/Topkapi Films/Versus Production)

    The film where you must not forget your tissues

    At the Cannes festival in the spring, “Close” had won the unofficial title of “Palme du Coeur” for many journalists. Some saw the Belgian Lukhas Dont walk away with the Palme d’Or, he finally had to settle for the Grand Prix. Not bad for a second film.

    The synopsis of “Close” recounts a childhood friendship between Léo and Rémi, aged 13, and the disappointments that go with it. A film that promises to be very sensitive, as was the director’s first essay, “Girl”, which told the story of a trans teenager.

    It’s for you if:

    – You have a heart

    – You want to support a young director

    – You trust the jury of the last Cannes Film Festival

    Drama directed by Lukas Dhont, 1:45, released November 1

  • 2 The pharaoh, the savage and the princess

  • The unique visual style of Michel Ocelot's films.
    The unique visual style of Michel Ocelot’s films. (Copyright 2022 Nord Ouest Films StudioO/Les Productions du Ch’timi/Musée du Louvre/Artémis Productions)

    The film for young and old

    You will go see all the films of Michel Ocelot at the cinema. It could be the eleventh commandment. Michel Ocelot is the genius who made “Kirikou and the Witch” in 1998.

    Since then, he has signed, among others, the wonderful “Princes and Princesses” (1999), the sublime “Azur and Asmar” (2006), the adorable “Dilili in Paris” (2018). He is quite simply one of the greatest active French filmmakers. Suffice to say that there is no reason to miss his last film “The Pharaoh, the Savage and the Princess”.

    In the program : three tales in three eras, and in three different universes. An epic in ancient Egypt, a medieval legend in Auvergne, an 18th century fantasy in Ottoman costumes and Turkish palaces. Change of scenery guaranteed!

    It’s for you if:

    – You liked “Princes and Princesses”, “Tales of the Night” or “Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess”

    – You want to take full view

    – You are looking for a movie to go see with your family

    Animated film directed by Michel Ocelot, 1h23, released on October 19

  • 3 Halloween Ends

  • Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in HALLOWEEN ENDS, directed by David Gordon Green
    Michael Myers is back… (Ryan Green/Universal Pictures)

    The perfect movie for Halloween

    Impossible not to recommend a horror film in the middle of the All Saints holidays! Even more when it comes to an installment of the Halloween saga and October 31 is fast approaching.

    “Halloween Ends”it is the last film of this saga started by John Carpenter’s classic in 1978, which now has 13 films, but of which the last three – Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills (2021) and Halloween Ends therefore – form a trilogy which is intended to be the direct sequel to the 1978 film.

    David Gordon Green comes to bring a conclusion to his trilogy carried by a Laurie Strode forced to face her old demons, decades after the original trauma.

    In the program : stabbings, gasps, good old Michael Myers and the huge Jamie Lee Curtis.

    It’s for you if:

    – You have seen the first two parts of the David Gordon Green trilogy

    – You watch a Halloween movie every Halloween since 1978

    – You know what a slasher is… and you like it

    Horror film directed by David Gordon Green, 1:51, released October 12

  • 4 The Innocent

  • Excerpt from the best scene of the film.
    Excerpt from the best scene of the film. (Copyright Les Films des Tournelles)

    French comedy (but good)

    We know the adage: “French comedies are always the same, and it sucks”. Well, no one thinks that of course, but the number of French comedies on our screens is such that, inevitably, turnips are legion each year and we can’t always blame gossip.

    However, it is also necessary to know how to recognize the good surprises among the staggering number of comic productions from home. This is the case of “The Innocent” by Louis Garrel, which is well worth spending a few euros (a little more if you go to see it in a multiplex) to see it.

    The film takes a bit of time to set up, but once it starts, it’s very, very well acted, it’s refreshing, it’s funny… and it’s already not bad. Because a film that makes you smile these days is not a refusal.

    It’s for you if:

    – You want to have a good time, don’t worry

    – You want to give a chance to a French comedy

    – You are secretly in love with Louis Garrel and Noémie Merlant

    Comedy directed by Louis Garrel, 1 h 40, released on October 12

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    The four films we recommend during these All Saints holidays