The French box office (finally) regains its 2019 level

Thanks to Black Panther 2, November, Simone… This week, 3.8 million admissions were recorded, which is better than the same period, pre-Covid.

Since the beginning of the year, the French box office has recorded fairly low scores. Industry professionals have sounded the alarm in Marchand this despite the reduced prices of the Film Festival, then rebelote at the end of the summerbefore the month of September finishes worrying everyone with its historically low record 7.38 million admissions recorded in four weeks. We hadn’t seen that since the creation of monthly box office statements in France in 1980!
In Octoberfortunately, attendance has started to rise again, doubling: 14.26 million tickets were sold over the month, a score similar to 2021, but still a little below the pre-Covid results ( there were 19.9 million in October 2019).

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For November, the French box office should finally return to scores “normal” (understand similar to those before the epidemic, the closing of theaters and the loss of the habit of going to the cinema). The arrival of Black Panther 2 last week is helping to reboost this sector. “We are going to exceed 4 million admissions in France this week and reach a level higher than the same week in 2019, a record yearcomments Marc-Olivier Sebbag, the general delegate of the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) in The echoes. Over the last four weeks, we find usual levels, between 3 and 4 million weekly admissions. Specifically, in week 46 (from November 9 to 15, 2022), 3,883,537 admissions were counted by the CNC, including 1,692,183 just for the Marvel blockbuster. In 2019, just before the impact of the Covid, therefore, this same week counted 3 million (that is then I accuseby Roman Polanski, who was enthroned, while Out of Standards Where Joker continued to do well). The last week of October 2022 – i.e. in the middle of school holidays – the 4 million mark was even crossed (it was the 2nd time this year after week 8 and the triumph ofUnchartedlast February), thanks in particular to another super-heroic production: black adam, which now has nearly 2 million tickets alone. And French films are not left out: November has crossed this score, just like Retirement home at the beginning of the year, and What the hell have we all done? (but its 2.4 million is still considered disappointing compared to the much higher results of the first two installments). The comedy of “Band to Fifi”, Superhero in spite of himself, won 1.8 million and Simone Veil’s biopic, titled Simone – The Journey of the Century1.6. In Bodywork on the dance of Cédric Klapisch and the animated film Valiant also appear in the French-speaking top of 2022 with 1.3 million spectators.

This increase does not only concern blockbusters, but also horror productions, such as Smilewho is a millionaire in France, or independent films, like The Squarethe winner of the last Palme d’or at Cannes, which exceeded 500,000 admissions, the drama Other people’s childrenwhich is approaching 400,000 or EOcapable of recording 120,000 in a month while being programmed between 126 and 286 theaters only.

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This rise is obviously encouraging for film professionals, very worried to see the public deserting the rooms. A study was also commissioned this year by the CNC to try to understand why the spectators returned so little to the cinema despite the fact that the epidemic was fading. It shows that the loss of habit is one of the important factors, even more than the price of tickets or the subscription to a streaming platform. Finally, it should be noted that while a handful of French films are doing well this year, only one seems to have a chance of appearing in the annual top 10, made up solely of American productions: November could well exceed 2.5 million admissions, and thus exceed What the hell have we all done? For the moment 8th in the annual ranking, this comedy by Philippe de Chauveron should be released in a few days, just like sonic 2to leave their places to Black Panther 2 and Cédric Jimenez’s thriller. Marvel’s latest blockbuster could climb high in this ranking, where it sits for now Top Gun: Maverick, with 6.6 million admissions recorded since last May. This action film is the biggest success of Tom Cruise’s career in France (Rain Man held this title since 1989 thanks to its 6.4 million). He is followed by Minions 2 (3.8 million), Jurassic World 3 (3.4), Doctor Strange 2 (3.3) and The Batman (3 million). Note also that apart from November (if he manages to do so), the top 10 risks 2022 being made up only of franchise sequels or adaptations of already well-established licenses (there are also Unchartedfor example, with 2.5 million entries).

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The French box office (finally) regains its 2019 level