The joy of reunion

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Forgotten the break imposed by the Covid: the Bandas are back in Condom where from Friday evening and for 48 hours, the 49th festival which puts them in the spotlight, will offer us the pleasure of (re) partying.

VSondom will never thank enough, “the band of friends festayres” who imagined in 1963 what 10 years later became the Festival de bandas y peñas. For the 49th time he will put the city in a trance from Friday, May 13. For 48 hours, both diurnal and nocturnal, Condom will be the great capital of happiness, joy, conviviality, celebration, sharing. 48 hours of varied music including those full of “alegria” offered by the 41 bandas invited, including the one from Mexico!

With this time again more than 40,000 festayres expected, the festival organized by a local association dedicated to this event, can also count on hundreds of volunteers and a multitude of institutional and private partners to contribute to its success. Hip, hip, hooray, Bandas à Condom is on the rise again!

The Green Negresses invite Under the bodega sun

Friday from 6 p.m., in front of the town hall, the Keys to the City will be given to the musicians, including those of the two groups invited for the opening concerts on the main stage from 8 p.m. With the group Aschenbecks from the Lot then with Les Négresses Vertes (read elsewhere) who invite us “Under the bodega sun”, the 49th festival ensures a curtain raiser for all audiences who will know how to “light the fire” that the bandas with all the festayres, young and old, young and old, will be able to stir up until Sunday evening.

The regulars, the faithful will tell you: everyone is welcome to share the party in Condom en jubilation. Including the children, of course, for whom the festival reserves the Petit Festayre space on Sundays.

48 hours of sweet madness

In Condom, “capital” of the Bandas, it is not uncommon for a grandson to dance around the cathedral with his grandma or for a granddaughter to toast with her grandpa. It is true that grandpa and grandma had springs in their legs during the first festivals and that today they still enjoy rediscovering the carelessness and sweet madness. Intergenerational and international festival, the Condom Festival, the largest European gathering of brass and percussion, has remained the joyous gathering promoting living together in the best of atmospheres that we look forward to sharing again.

We participate in it with girlfriends and friends (from class, neighborhood, village…), between neighbors and neighbours, we come there as a team (especially rugby…), as a family too and even if we comes alone, impossible at the bandas festival to stand apart!

Because in Condom during these 48 hours of celebration for all, the slightest kindness exchanged and the most beautiful smile offered open the door wide to the great family of partygoers which grows with each edition. Quickly the 49th begins! See you Friday…

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The joy of reunion