“The law of the market”, “Titanium”… the best and worst recent films by Vincent Lindon


5. “Rodin”, by Jacques Doillon (2017)

He knows how to endorse all the outfits, including in period films which escape academicism and avoid the pitfalls of needy reconstruction. In this ambitious biopic by Jacques Doillon, Vincent Lindon, bearded and angry, embodies the sculptor Auguste Rodin. An aging Rodin who is increasingly demanding in the exercise of his art and who falls deeply in love with one of his young pupils: Camille Claudel. This feverish performance recalls that of the same Lindon in augustine by Alice Winocour (2012), a film in which the actor played Doctor Charcot, an eminent neurologist of the 19th century who profoundly influenced a certain Sigmund Freud.

4. “Welcome”, by Philippe Lioret (2009)

He likes to embody characters struggling with the political and social tumults of their time. In the mighty Welcome, by Philippe Lioret (1.2 million spectators in theaters), Vincent Lindon plays Simon Calmat, a former swimming champion who became a lifeguard in Calais. This ordinary hero befriends a Kurdish migrant who has decided to swim across the English Channel. In the skin of this silent and moving character, the actor gives the best of himself.

3. “Last Love”, by Benoît Jacquot (2019)

Casanova is no more than a shadow of himself and his attraction for a young woman who resists him leads him into a severe depression… In last loveBenoît Jacquot stages a failure of the supposedly irresistible seducer and offers a solid gold role to Vincent Lindon, impeccable in the guise of the libertine tired of everything and especially of himself.

2. “Another world”, by Stéphane Brizé (2022)

It is one of the most fruitful collaborations in contemporary French cinema. Stéphane Brizé has directed Vincent Lindon five times since Mademoiselle Chambon in 2009 and each film is a success. After A few hours of spring (about a son who helps his mother, condemned by illness, to die), The law of the market and In wartwo implacable films on the violence of the world of work, the filmmaker finds today “his” actor in Another world. Vincent Lindon embodies Philippe Lemesle, an executive forced to apply a redundancy plan in his company, while the latter is largely profitable. A new major role in a film that is no less. Released February 16.

1. “The law of the market”, by Stéphane Brizé (2015)

Thierry has been visiting the offices of Pôle emploi for eighteen months. Eighteen endless months tracking down the classifieds and polishing his “senior” CV. Eighteen months of hoping, fighting, worrying. Eighteen months of trying to remain worthy in the eyes of those close to him and in his own eyes… In this masterful film, Stéphane Brizé depicts long-term unemployment and its consequences on those who are its victims. A great social film and Vincent Lindon’s best role to date.

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5. “The White Knights”, by Joachim Lafosse (2015)

Jacques Arnault, president of the NGO Move for Kids, is preparing a high-risk operation in Chad to satisfy European families awaiting adoption… Joachim Lafosse, the filmmaker of To lose one’s mind and of The economy of the couple, is inspired by the case of L’arche de Zoé and signs a film which, alas, does not escape blunders and didacticism. Vincent Lindon seems uncomfortable in the skin of his ambiguous character.

4. “My friends, my loves”, by Lorraine Lévy (2017)

He favors auteur films, but does not resist, from time to time, the pleasure of filming in more consensual fictions. More consensual and hardly convincing, like this romantic comedy as lazy as its title where he dialogues with Pascal Elbé and Virginie Ledoyen.

3. “The bastards”, by Claire Denis (2013)

Claire Denis had directed the actor at the beginning of the century in the excellent Friday night and she finds him again this year in a new film, With love and determination, currently presented at the Berlin Film Festival. In the meantime, the filmmaker has directed Vincent Lindon in this improbable and complacent fiction on perversion where the actor and his colleagues (Chiara Mastroianni, Michel Subor) wander like souls in pain. Sadness shared by the viewer.

2. “My cousin”, by Jan Kounen (2020)

A CEO with an irreproachable pedigree must cohabit with his cousin, a cretin who is ruining his existence… Accompanied by a freewheeling François Damiens, Vincent Lindon interprets this heavyweight farce with minimal conviction. Or less than minimal.

1. “Titanium”, by Julia Ducournau (2021)

Vincent Lindon took muscle to camp a firefighter afflicted by the disappearance of his kid in the horror film by Julia Ducournau, awarded a gold palm at Cannes last year. But the actor’s impressive stature does not change anything: this monument of bluster on tattered identities and on warrior feminism ticks only one box: that of ridicule.

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“The law of the market”, “Titanium”… the best and worst recent films by Vincent Lindon