The list of players at the end of the contract: Toulouse obtains the palme d’or!

The 2021/2022 season is coming to an end soon.

The Top 14 formations have already locked their frames for the coming seasons.

On the other hand, other players are still in the dark and do not know what their future will be like.

On his site, Rugby News reveals the list of players at the end of the contract, club by club.

On the side of the Rugby Club Toulonnais, 16 players are still in the dark, including many young people.

According to our information, several young people from Var have or will soon extend their lease with the RCT. The club should soon communicate on the subject.

In the meantime, here are the players who see their contract come to an end in June:

Sergio Parisse (third row, 38); Bruce Devaux (pillar, 25, 2022+1); Michelangelo Sosene-Feagai (hooker, 29); Leone Nakarawa (second line, 34 years old); Matthias Halagahu (second row, 20); Clément Egiziano (third line, 20 years old); Jules Coulon (third line, 19 years old); Mattéo Le Corvec (third line, 21 years old); Mathieu Smaïli (flying half, 21 years old); Julien Hériteau (center, 27 years old); Petero Tuwai (centre, 26); Théo Dachary (centre, 25); Dorian Laborde (winger, 25); Harrison Obatoyinbo (winger, 21); Kalani Robert (winger, 21); Rayan Rebbadj (winger, 22); Simon Moretti (winger, 22)

The club that could leave the most players on the floor at the end of the season is ultimately Stade-Toulousain. At present, 20 Toulouse players are not yet fixed.

Here are the players out of contract:

Baptiste Erdocio (pillar, 22 years old); Ushangi Tcheishvili (pillar, 24); Bastien Darret (hooker, 20), Andy Cramond (second row, 28); Evan Olmstead (back row, 31); James Hart (scrum-half, 30); Kerman Aurrekoetxea (scrum half, 22); Alexandre Nicoué (winger, 25); Rémi Brosset (22, full back)

Ben Tameifuna (pillar, 30); Enzo Baggiani (pillar, 21); Joseph Dweba (hooker, 26); Ian Kitwanga (back row, 23); Ma’ama Vaipulu (third row, 32); Matéo Garcia (opener, 19 years old); Gatien Massé (center, 20 years old); Noé Valles (winger, 21); Enzo Elissalde (winger, 20).

Cody Thomas (pillar, 26); Florian Dufour (hooker, 24); Motu Matu’u (hooker, 35); Steevy Cerqueira (second row, 28); Otar Giorgadze (third row, 26); Sasha Gué (third line, 21 years old); Tedo Abzhandadze (open half, 21); Juan Manuel Alonzo (center, 20); Seva Galala (center, 29); Wesley Douglas (center, 25); Pierre Tournebize (winger, 23); Aaron Grandidier (back, 21)

Antoine Guillamon (pillar, 30 years old); Tudor Stroë (pillar, 28); Brice Humbert (hooker, 25); Loïc Jacquet (second line, 37 years old, planned retirement); Hugo Hermet (third line, 20 years old); Mateaki Kafatolu (third row, 32); Bastien Bourgier (scrum half, 23); Osea Waqaninavatu (winger, 22); Théo Chabouni (wing-back, 18 years old)

Kotaro Matshushima (back, 29); Clément Lanen (third line, 24 years old); Gabin Michet (flying half, 20 years old); Yohan Kehlhoffner (third line, 20 years old); Djalil Agueni (pillar, 20 years old)

La Rochelle
Facundo Bosch (hooker, 30); Ramiro Herrera (pillar, 35); Victor Vito (third line, 35 years old, planned retirement); Guillaume Lagahe (hooker, 21); Sacha Idoumi (hooker, 19); Kavekini Tabu (third row, 27); Neo Della Schiava (third line, 20 years old); Julien Ichambre (center, 21 years old); Victor Olivier (center, 20 years old); Nils Guyon (winger, 22)

Vivien Devisme (pillar, 30); Yanis Charcosset (hooker, 20); Colby Fainga’a (third row, 31); Mathieu Bastareaud (third line or center, 33 years old); Alfred Parisien (center, 21); Nathan Farissier (winger, 21); Alexandre Tchaptchet (back, 20 years old)

Kélian Galletier (third line, 30 years old); Nick Auterac (pillar, 29); Yannick Arroyo (pillar, 23 years old); Benoît Paillaugue (scrum half, 34 years old); Martin Doan (scrum-half, 23); Paul Vallée (center, 19 years old)

French Stadium
Yoann Maestri (second line, 34 years old); Antoine Burban (third row, 34, unofficial retirement) Tolu Latu (hooker, 29); Thomas Crétu (pillar, 20 years old); Henry Spring (hooker, 21); Mamoudou Meïté (hooker, 19); Pierre Jutge (hooker, 22); Ryan Chapuis (third line, 24 years old); Clément Dehez (scrum half, 21)

Alexandre Dumoulin (center, 32 years old); Daniel Ramsay (second row, 37); Hugo Auradou (second row, 18); Thibault Hamonou (third line, 22 years old); Marco Zanon (centre, 24); Paul Auradou (centre, 20 years old)

Damien Chouly (third row, 36, unofficial retirement); David Kubriashvili (pillar, 35); Siua Halanukonuka (pillar, 35); Mike Tadjer (hooker, 33); Victor Montgaillard (hooker, 19); Andreï Mahu (second line, 30 years old); Samuel M’Foudi (second line, 20 years old); Ewan Bertheau (third line, 20 years old); Guilhem Montagne (third line, 21 years old); Léo Darrélatour (scrum half, 21); Matéo Jeune Joly (scrum half, 20 years old); Ethan Randle (center, 19); Baptiste Plana (winger, 22); Dylan Jaminet (winger, 19), Nino Séguéla (winger, 20)

Racing 92
Thomas Moukoro (pillar, 20 years old); Jonathan Maïau (hooker, 20); Luke Jones (second row, 31); Anthime Hemery (third line, 21 years old); Maxime Baudonne (third line, 19 years old); Mitch Short (scrum-half, 26); Paul Leraître (back, 21 years old)

Charlie Faumuina (pillar, 35); David Ainu’u (pillar, 22); Joël Merkler (pillar, 20); Paul Mallez (pillar, 21 years old); Rodrigue Neti (pillar, 27); Guillaume Cramont (hooker, 21); Ian Boubila (hooker, 20); Rory Arnold (second row, 31); Joshua Brennan (back row, 20); Yannick Youyoutte (third line, 22 years old); Théo Ntamack (third line, 19 years old); Martin Page-Relo (scrum-half, 23); Théo Idjellidaine (scrum half, 21); Edgar Retière (flying half, 21 years old); Juan Cruz Mallia (center, 25); Pierre Fouyssac (centre, 27); Romain Riguet (centre, 21); Arthur Bonneval (winger, 26); Dimitri Delibes (winger, 23); Tim Nanai-Williams (center, 32)

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The list of players at the end of the contract: Toulouse obtains the palme d’or!