“The Palme d’or goes to the CPF”, our readers annoyed by canvassing

“Your CPF balance has expired”; “Your Carte Vitale is about to expire”; “Your package has arrived. Please check it and receive it”… This kind of messages, calls, which we receive every week (if not every day), may soon be nothing more than a distant bad memory. According to information from Parisian, the National Assembly will examine on October 6 a bill prohibiting cold calling. The Modem intends to legislate to “prohibit the canvassing of training organizations”, by call, SMS or e-mail. “Phew”, we want to say, and our readers too, according to their many messages steeped in annoyance and filled with techniques to counter these abusive methods.

“If the law passes, I open the champagne!” Françoise sets the tone. And like her, those who responded to our call for testimonies are exasperated and helpless in the face of cold calling, which seems lawless. “Calls for windshield changes, Free offers, SFR, Bouygues and so on, lists Sébastien. It’s almost daily. Tired of all this cold calling! The Palme d’or still goes to the CPF account. They use trickery to have to reveal as late as possible in the conversation that it’s about this…” Incessant calls, “up to six from the same organization in one day”, complains Nelly who, despite her request to be removed from the list of people to call, sees no difference. As a result, she prefers to leave her phone on silent “at the risk of missing an important call”.

Orange list or Bloctel, nothing helps

Anne is also bothered “several times a week, for months, by repeated calls despite [ses] pleas of inadmissibility”. It is however on the orange list, but nothing helps. Especially since these solicitations take place on his professional telephone: “I am disturbed, sometimes in consultation, sometimes on the call slot for my patients”. In an attempt to put an end to this nightmare, some of the readers registered on Bloctel, a telephone opposition list set up by the government. But this one does not seem very effective… “I continue to receive 8 to 10 calls a day, […] even with Bloctel,” explains Marie-France. “A beautiful masquerade! I have almost had a greater number of calls since I took this step…”, takes offense at Sébastien. Gilles shares the same opinion, “for information, Bloctel does not work”.

Many readers feel tired and helpless in the face of canvassing. This is the case of Lucien: “We are 74 years old, it’s tiring. It would be a good thing for this law to pass. » « Every day I receive phone calls for my training account. It’s harassment. I can not stand it anymore. […] I don’t know what to do anymore…”, Avelino is in despair. If the latter seems not to have found any solutions, others on the contrary are cunning with various small techniques.

“I say it’s a professional number of the gendarmerie, hanging up guaranteed! »

To avoid being taken in by cold calling, Gilles has programmed the ringtone of his landline telephone with a melody for the people in his directory. For outside calls, he left the classic ringtone, and no longer answers. Radical. Christelle moves all SMS, e-mails to spam, and for calls, she also no longer picks up. Bastien denounces all text messages to 33,700, the platform for combating voice and SMS spam. For calls, he uses phrases like “I’m in high school”, “I’m retired”, “I’m already in training right now”.

Rihab has fun answering calls, “playing the game” by asking them what training is offered and where the associated organization is located. “After listing their proposals, I simply replied that no training corresponded to my wishes, and that is where the tone changed. At the other end of the line, “the person begins to lose his temper, to the point of insulting me,” she continues. Rihab repeats that she no longer wants to be solicited, otherwise she would not hesitate to address “a complaint against the organizations” concerned. A method that worked well according to her. Fabien, he found the method infallible: “For CPF canvassing calls, I say that it is a professional number of the gendarmerie, hanging up guaranteed! »

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“The Palme d’or goes to the CPF”, our readers annoyed by canvassing