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Sensitive skin, ultra-degreasing, ecological… Our dishwashing liquids are so full of promise that they almost make us want to scrub our cutlery. Almost, because behind the reassuring allegations hide compositions that are not always very clear. In their comparative guide march 2021experts from 60 million consumers thus revealed the 3 worst references on the market in the matter. And no one is immune to unpleasant surprises when cleaning their plates.


40 dishwashing products compared

In this study, INC media investigators looked at 40 dishwashing liquids marketed in mass distribution. The selected range represents a good overview of the market offer: major brands, private labels, ecological labels, concentrates or not, sensitive skin… The goal? Assess their impact on the consumer health as well as on theenvironment – our dishwashing products contribute, we too often forget, to the pollution of wastewater.

The rating covers various criteria, including risks associated with each ingredienttheir relative concentrationtheir cumulative effect and the exposure frequency taking into account other household products. It thus assigns an overall rating ranging from A (for the most virtuous) to E (for the most harmful).

Verdict? Only 16 products manage to score above B. Something to seriously worry about and prefer the homemade dishwashing liquid.

The 3 worst washing up liquids on the market according to 60 million consumers

The 3 dishwashing liquids that bring up the rankings have received a triple Eboth for the health score, the environmental score and the overall score.

The dunce cap returns to history paicwhich does not convince with its Integral+ Lemon Expert. A shock, when we know that the range occupies 26.5% of the market share in the sector of dishwashing products.

Just ahead, we find the Pink dish foam of the brand Paulettefollowed by Una Ultra Concentrated Lemon Dish Soap from home Aldi.

And the best pupils of our sinks are…

Overall, products benefiting from a eco-label fared better, with a concentration of aquatic toxins halved on average. Nevertheless, they contain almost as many irritants than their conventional counterparts. And sensitive skin? They do not do much better, since we also find these same agents there.

The magazine nevertheless welcomed 3 references:

  • Third, the Dishwashing liquid for sensitive skin Green Tree which displays an eco-label. With a C for health and an A for the environment, it gets an overall score of B.

  • Second, dishwashing liquid Ecoplanet Almond from home Crossroads which is equal in terms of notes.

  • And first, Palmolive Sensitive skin won the palme d’or for dishwashing products with a B for health and an A for the environment.

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These 3 dishwashing liquids are the worst on the market according to 60 million consumers | KitchenAZ