Thierry Ardisson tells all about his heroin addiction and how he got out of it – Grazia

“Powdered Nirvana”this is how Thierry Ardisson describes his heroin addiction that he experienced during the 1970s. Podcast guest Additiondirected by the famous addictologist Laurent Karila, the television host recounts this very dark period of his life.

Painful childhood, heartache and suicide attempts

Thierry Ardisson recounts his rather sad childhood, made up of moves, family conflicts and loneliness. At 16, he takes off from the family nest and then discovers alcohol and firecrackers. It was during a trip to Bali at the end of the 1960s that he plunged into hard drugs, including heroin, then continued his consumption on his return to Paris.

At the age of 20, the presenter of Everybody talks about it also confesses to having made a suicide attempt following a heartbreak: “My parents come to see me at the hospital and it was terrible because they could see that everything I had told them about my success in Paris was not true. (…) I find it hard to be happy. »

“We take heroin to not be bad”

Later, when he had a brilliant career in advertising, Thierry Ardisson in fact sinks even deeper into heroin. He explains : “At first we take it to be good, then we take it to not be bad. (…) It becomes horror. » Audrey Crespo-Mara’s husband says he was totally at the mercy of his dealers and constantly looking for money to maintain his consumption. He was also fired from his advertising agency because of his addiction: “My life revolved around that. (…) I started to scare myself. Picking up heroes is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. »

His exile to Santa Barbara to stop heroin

After two years of consumption, the television presenter decides to stop and leaves for the United States to pick up. He then experiences cravings and is saved by his wife when he was about to throw himself out of the window. After this frightening episode, the man in black starts from scratch at a friend’s house in Santa-Barbara, California and stays there for three months: “I got off opiates and heroin. (…) On returning to Paris, I stopped seeing all the friends of the ‘junk society’ (…) Moreover, they are all dead today. »

“I wanted to succeed professionally”

At the end of the 1970s, Thierry Ardisson completely changed his life and frequented the celebrities of the emblematic nightclub Le Palace, and took care of himself although he admitted having consumed a little cocaine during this period. Despite this, he does not relapse into heroin and declares at the microphone of the podcast Addition : “I quit because I wanted to succeed. What saved my life was that I wanted to succeed professionally. »

“Young people can’t say ‘I didn’t know’. »

The host of Hello Earthlings concludes by saying that he stopped all consumption of cocaine and heroin in his tracks so as not to handicap his projects. At the end of the interview, Thierry Ardisson shares his current happiness and shares a message of hope and warning to young people: “Today, I feel very good because I am very happy in love and professionally. (…) You, now, you can’t say ‘I didn’t know.’ The hero is great at first, but very quickly you take it not to be good, but not to be bad. The hero, especially not, never! Coke destroys the brain. (…) The idea of ​​thinking that drugs could replace anything is stupidity. »

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Thierry Ardisson tells all about his heroin addiction and how he got out of it – Grazia