Thierry Bosc, a champion of Nîmes pâté in Les Halles

For the 2nd edition of the Nîmes petit pâté competition, delicatessen caterer Thierry Bosc won the palme d’or this time. Over the years, BOSC, located in the heart of the Halles de Nimes, has continued to improve its recipe for this Nîmes specialty that has existed for ages…

At 58, the native of Nîmes ousted the 8 other participants in the competition for the Best Petit Pâté in Nîmes, organized by Midi Libre.

Installed for 33 years in Les Halles de Nimes, Thierry is the 3rd generation to perpetuate the know-how of the Bosc house. He first trained alongside his parents, who also had a stand there.

He will then leave for the Parisian capital, to deepen his knowledge… His objective: to learn as many techniques and knowledge as possible. He obtained his professional certificate in 1986 and then worked as an intern at Facuchon place de la Madeleine. He discovers “fantastic things” within the brigade which only feed a little more, each day, his desire to have his own business.

In 1987 Thierry Bosc was then ready to leave for the United States, when he met his future wife. U-turn, change of program: a stall becomes available in The Halls of Nimesthe city where he was born.

There was no question of missing out on the opportunity, so at 24, Thierry Bosc bought his first stall. Since then, the couple has worked shoulder to shoulder to sustain the family business.

Intended for the Halles de Nîmes

“In the 1950s, around 25 pastry chefs sold this product, but the specialty has been lost. When one day an employee of Maison Bosc suggested offering the Nîmes petit pâté to customers, the idea appealed. At the end of the 1970s, Father Bosc (Henri) gave back its nobility to the petit pâté and brought the specialty back to the plate of the people of Nîmes.

His son, Thierry Bosc will then take up the torch, and improve the recipe again and again. As the saying goes, “You learn to cook with others…At some point, you do your own.”


Nîmes pâté by Thierry Bosc. Photo credit: Maison Bosc

“I took advantage of the craze”

He refines it, develops techniques to hold the famous tube, improve the flavors, select quality meats… At the start, he manages to sell 20 a week, then 50 then 100 and so on: today these little Nîmes pâtés go like hot cakes!

At the time, Thierry Bosc was therefore the only trader to offer them, since more than a dozen have positioned themselves.

The butcher-pastry chef-caterer profession has changed enormously in recent years… We no longer only get raw meat, but also prepared products, homemade. Partly due to Christophe Brunetti, a cousin, who revolutionized the process of making small pâté from Nîmes. “He mechanized the process, which made it possible to speed up its distribution in supermarkets and to make the specialty more popular.” But beware at Thierry Bosc, quality above all.

“Competition stimulates and drives us to always want to develop a better quality product.” As such, he remains attentive to the advice of the new generation (his son), the hope of the next generation! The Nîmes pâté of the future promises to be slightly less fatty, lighter in butter…

Nîmes pâté “Thierry Bosc style”


The famous small pâtés from Nîmes. Photo credit: Maison Bosc

Nicknamed the “cash pâté”, beware of the Nîmes petit pâté recipe, for which very specific conditions must be respected in terms of preparation:

Shortcrust pastry with butter, 50% stuffing, 50% dough, 70% pork, 30% veal, as for the weight, the small pâté from Nîmes must not exceed 50 grams! A total of 10 control points are checked by the jury, which evaluates appearance, palatability, taste and finally texture. It is then up to each person to bring their personal touch…

For the competition, Thierry Bosc has chosen to incorporate a reduction of marrow-bone veal juice into the stuffing…

The Nîmes has not finished awakening our taste buds, in preparation, the “gourmet” little Nîmes pâté: 20% foie gras, 3% fresh truffles from the Gard. As the holidays are fast approaching… Congratulations to the chef!

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Thierry Bosc, a champion of Nîmes pâté in Les Halles