Timothée Chalamet, star of a musical biopic dedicated to Eric Zemmour

Sulphurous candidate for the current French presidential election, Eric Zemmour will soon be entitled to his own biopic, played by Timothée Chalamet.

It has long been regretted that French productions do not take up current events, or only a few, in particular political events. From a decade, we are witnessing a spectacular cultural revolution in this matter, which could be dated to the year 2011 and the simultaneous releases of The conquestthen State Exercise. A trend that has taken shape and culminated in recent months with feature films as varied and ambitious as Bac Nord, Investigation into a state scandal or Goliath.

Timothy who?


In a climate of intense political tension, there is nothing fundamentally surprising in the fact that a character such as Eric Zemmour today attracts the desires of the 7th Art. It must be said that his career is one of the most unique. It was born in 1969 from the union of a laundress from Fréjus and a fisherman who disappeared on the high seas with his boat, hit by a floating object. Traumatized, little Eric harbors a stubborn hatred towards everything that crosses the Mediterranean.

Tempted by a career as a clown, he cut his teeth in a small circus in the region, but the one who is nicknamed “riri-not-at-all” because of his repeated flop ends up getting discouraged. If he turns away from the capitals, he retains a pronounced taste for the fairground arts and above all, the attention of the public. Thirty years and many adventures later, Zemmour has established itself in the metropolitan political landscape as a unique mixture of tribune, politician and bearded woman. How can we imagine that the cinema does not see in this journey a story to tell.

In the middle of a storm: photo, George ClooneyA destiny in the middle of a storm

The revelations of the latest issue of French movie will not fail to react fans of the far-right polemicist but also human beings. In the course of a long article devoted to the most anticipated films at Cannes in 2022, the magazine tells us that an extremely daring feature film was shot in almost total secrecy at the start of the year.

It was the young Timothée Chalamet who sold the wick during the traditional little party that closes the Oscars ceremony, a ceremony during which dune won several statuettes.

Dune: photography, Timothée ChalametTimothée, it suits him well

I have no regrets for Denis Villeneuve or for myself, the second part of Dune is currently in pre-production, and as for The Lord of the Rings, it is at the end of the saga that we will be able to take stock on the rewards received. But all that is still a long way off. At the moment, I’m working hard on a still secret project.

I had to lose a lot of weight, eat mostly vinegar for 8 weeks, and wear prosthetic teeth during the entire shoot. It is the biopic of a French candidate for the presidency, which will perhaps be worth a second Palme d’Or to a director that I adore.

But we know that only two women have received the Palme d’Or : Jane Campion, who after her coronation of Power of the Dog has not yet started a new project… and Julia Ducournau, director of Serious as well as Titanium. After a short investigation, French Film, lifted the veil on one of the most atypical projects of recent years.

Max Pecas: photoCall me by your Chalamet


Asked by the French movie, the director of palmé Titanium obviously decided to play the buzz card. It must be said thatafter having fascinated the Cannes jury chaired in 2021 by Spike Leewith a moving story of a fornicating car, a transgender killer and a firefighter disgorging protein, the author could only seek to surpass herself once again:

“It’s guerrilla cinema. When Zemmour’s candidacy emerged last spring, I saw an obvious connection with my favorite themes. By receiving this Palme, which was almost as important for me as for the millions of cinephiles that I brought to unknown territories of cinemaI said to the world “Let the monsters in”.

Well, that’s the whole point of this project. It will be called Zemmouroids, and you are not ready. I have always told stories of fragile individuals, rejected by a world they are unable to understand, who are struggling with their identity, like people who smell very strongly of their feet in short.

Titanium: pictureThe Croisette on fire?


And when I see Eric Zemmour, on the verge of breaking his spine while sneezing on the Place du Trocadéro, there is something that moves me in this man with the dark look. Imagine his story it’s a bit like finding out why Gargamel hates the Smurfs so much.

Chalamet is incredible there, it’s really his Joker. The first time I saw him on set, I was speechless, and we were attacking with a very difficult scene. It’s an outdoor musical scene and real sets, all in a sequence shot, in the port of Fréjus where Zemmour spent his adolescenceand it was absolutely necessary to represent why this man has a panic fear of others and especially of what comes from the sea.

Hence this scene where Chalamet dances in the modern jazz way, and suddenly switches from revered hip-hop, to variety, to zouk-love, while tearing off its different layers of costume. When, under his trellis, he reveals a Carmen dress, then a soiled diaper, it is all the upset humanity of a neurasthenic gnome that springs on the screen.

Titanium: photo, Agathe RousselleA taste of Zemmouroid?

All we had to do was send the selection committee 20 minutes of rush to make them go crazy. Of course, out of respect for the other films selected – and there are some excellent ones – I’m not going to sell the nutria’s skin before giving it an acid peel, but I think I want the biggest scandal in the history of the Croisette.

After Zemmouroid, Feast will look like a vegan fair.”

Rarely has our impatience been greater, a few weeks before an edition of the Cannes Film Festival. To date, neither the candidate nor his campaign team have wished to comment on the announcement of this pharaonic project.

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Timothée Chalamet, star of a musical biopic dedicated to Eric Zemmour