Tom Cruise, Robbie Coltrane, Cannes video games… our recap of the week

Hello there, inveterate reader! This recap gives pride of place to news characterized by a certain idea of ​​ambition, but also by the disappearance of two great icons of television and cinema. And then, of course, lots of cultural news!

Cinema side

  • Tom Cruise definitely does not intend to stop at land or air stunts. The American star will shoot in the first live-action fiction film in space. VSSays the president of Universal Pictures: “Tom Cruise is going to take us into space. It will take the world into space. This is our plan”. At the controls of this feature film, it is the very experienced director Doug Liman who sticks to it. We look forward !
  • Sad news for film fans Harry PotterRobbie Coltrane, the legendary interpreter of Hagrid, is gone at the age of 72. He also played Valentin Zukovsky in GoldenEye, a rather memorable high-class villain.

series side

  • After the cinema, it’s the turn of another true icon of the small screen, British actress Angela Lansbury (thanks to her role as Jessica Fletcher in the series Arabesque) to die at age 96. She leaves behind a rich career on television but also on the boards of Broadway.
  • If Netflix is ​​restructuring with a new subscription including advertising, its flagship series continue to be talked about as much as ever. The Crown, the series on the reign of Elizabeth II, found itself again in the spotlight after the death of its main character (the Queen is only fiction as we all know!). We just got the right to some pictures as an aperitif before its broadcast on November 9, 2022 and we can see the new heads of the cast with Imelda Staunton in Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce to play her husband or even the very fashionable Elizabeth Debicki to interpret Diana.
© Netflix

Video game side

  • Cannes is the flagship city of cinema, but perhaps soon also that of video games? Indeed, it is now official: there will be a Cannes Video Game Festival, the first edition of which will take place in October 2023. Robin Leproux, the man behind the event said: “We want to be the palme d’or of video games”. In short, ambitious… Too ambitious?
  • Following the cardboard‘Elden Ringspeculation is rife when its future DLC. With the release of patch 1.07, some fans would have spotted clues to the contents of these. We are talking about the presence of two new game cards, but also support for Ray-tracing, this visual rendering so appreciated by players.

music side

  • Four months after having stopped their musical adventure due to exhaustion, the stars of K-pop, the members of the BTS groups sign a remarkable return on stage in order to support the candidacy of the city of Busan in South Korea for the organization of the World Expo 2030. The event (“BTS < Yet To Come > in BUSAN”) took place on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Life for Korean pop stars is definitely not easy.
  • The members of Queen had found last June an unpublished song recorded with the voice of their legendary singer, Freddy Mercury. This nearly 30-year-old track, titled face it alone, is now available to listen on Youtube (link just below). In any case, what a pleasure to hear this title!

Literature side

  • On October 13, the Commission for the Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française refined its selection in order to know the winner of this prestigious prize. Only 3 left: The Mage of the Kremlin by Giuliano DaEmpoli; Those who remain by Jean Michelin; The Little Liar by Pascale Robert Diard. The suspense is at its peak !
  • Gallimard has announced the mass reprinting of Annie Ernaux’s books, just winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature on October 6. It must be said that the price has not gone unnoticed and bookstores no longer have the stocks to meet demand. Like what, a Nobel Prize, even today, remains an exceptional prize to reward the quality of a person’s career, while being a great financial contribution by giving a second wind to the sales of his books.

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Tom Cruise, Robbie Coltrane, Cannes video games… our recap of the week