“Top Chef” and Kristofer from “NOPLP” are in the retro TV of the week

Attention spoilers… Here, we are talking about television. From reality TV to JT 13 hours through the regional thrillers of France 3, 20 minutes – and, above all, the incredible editorial team of the “Retro TV” section (composed of one person) – scrutinizes everything that passes on the small screen. But yes, you know, this box that comes alive and that young people use to watch YouTube!

Every Saturday, it is therefore here that you will find our favorites (or not), all the crisp information and the indiscretions of the week. Come on, let’s take a look at the TV news?

number of the week

Maybe you don’t remember it already, but the second round of the presidential election was just a week ago. At the time of announcing the victory of Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen, 26 million viewers were glued to their stations to follow the results live. The palme d’or goes to TF1 which alone attracted 10.40 million people at the fateful moment. In second place, we find France 2 with 8.48 million French people. The other channels are far behind, starting with M6 (2.13 million) and BFMTV (1.67 million), reports The Parisian.

The news flash

It is often interesting to hang out on the side of the calls for casting of the TV channels since we learn there which are the projects on which they work. After a quick tour of the M6 ​​site, we can see that a new season of Top chef could see the light of day since the casting for the fourteenth season of the culinary competition has been launched. If you are interested, prepare to answer the following questions: What does cooking mean to you? Who are your reference heads? Which brigade would you choose to go to? A real job interview!

The zapping moment

All good things come to an end and all maestros of Do not forget the lyrics end up leaving the show. This was the case for Kristofer on Tuesday who said goodbye to Nagui after 39 victories and 309,000 euros in earnings, just that. But even stronger, his journey through the program now earns him the title of seventh greatest maestro in the game.

It’s certain makes me great of Charles Aznavour that the challenger dethroned the champion, which did not prevent the candidate from leaving with a wide smile on his face and from sending tons of thanks to a whole bunch of people. “Thank you too because it was incredible, really,” he addressed to Nagui before taking him in his arms. Kristofer will be found in the next salvo of the masters of Do not forget the lyrics.

Popcorn info

The ruthless world of television, it is therefore champions who pack their bags and also programs that stop. That’s what’s gonna happen to C Jamythe magazine presented by Jamy Gourmaud broadcast daily at 4:55 p.m. on France 5. Gaël Leiblang broadcast to our colleagues from Puremedia.

Haven’t quite had your dose of bad news yet? So let’s continue with another cancellation, on the side of fiction this time. Last November, TF1 launched Rebecca, a thriller carried by Anne Marivin. She played a policewoman back in her service six years after the heavy hunt for a serial killer to escape depression. “There will be no sequel,” the actress revealed to TV 7 Days. I am very proud of RebeccaI loved that experience, but I think they realized that it wasn’t really for their audience. Rebecca was too dark for them. And if there was a sequel, it wouldn’t be sunnier”.

We reassure you, it’s not just fiction that ends on TF1. The proof with Camping Paradise which is once again opening its doors for a filming session. This week, the Martigues region therefore saw cameras land on its soil in the company of Laurent Ournac, as usual, but also a new kid, Issa Doumbia, for the time of an episode.

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“Top Chef” and Kristofer from “NOPLP” are in the retro TV of the week