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If Dolly De Leon wins Best Supporting Actress, she will go down in history as the first Filipina to win.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the Oscar predictions are starting to come true. This year, the question of who will win the Best Supporting Actress category, which includes Angela Bassett, Jessie Buckley, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nina Hoss, Stephanie Hsu and Gabrielle Union, as well as Variety’s current favorite pick, Dolly De Leon from Triangle of Sadness.

According to Variety, De Leon is quickly becoming one of the top contenders in the Best Actress category. The official prediction reads:

There’s momentum for Neon’s “Triangle of Sadness,” which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. For her powerful turn as toilet boss Abigail, relative unknown Dolly De Leon landed a Golden Globe nod, which bodes well for her campaign. If she can squeeze into the SAG lineup, the single mother of four would be well on her way to Dolby Theater as a contestant. Moreover, she is one of the heartwarming stories of the season, not without making history as the first ever Filipina to be nominated. However, De Leon isn’t the only newcomer/unknown in the running.

Non-binary actors call for gender-neutral actor categories


Non-binary actress Emma Corrin recently spoke about gendered acting categories at the Oscars and other award ceremonies. The actor argues that it’s time for the awards shows to merge the Best Actor and Best Actress categories into one genderless category to better match the actors’ identities and be more inclusive.

Corrin wowed critics with her performance as Diana, Princess of Wales, in The Crown, winning a Best Actress Golden Globe for the role, as well as a Best Leading Actress Emmy nomination. But the recognition is bittersweet for the non-binary actor, who recently spoke out on the issue of gender-neutral award categories, saying:

I hope for a future in which this happens. I don’t think the categories are inclusive enough at this time. It is for everyone to be able to feel recognized and represented. It’s hard for me right now trying to justify in my head being non-binary and being nominated in the women’s categories.

With the Grammy Awards being gender-neutral for years and news that the BAFTAs and Oscars are considering moving to gender-neutral categories, Corrin’s wish for a more inclusive awards show is a real possibility. And if these changes are made in one category, they will be applied across the board, impacting the Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor categories as well.

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Triangle of Sadness star Dolly De Leon set to win Best Supporting Actress | Pretty Reel