US box office: Smile keeps smiling, the Palme d’Or Without Filter and Tár impress

Smile stay in first place, Enzo, the crocodile makes a grand entrance and TAR made the second best performance of the year.

Despite the arrival, like every week, of a handful of novelties, Smile would not flinch in front of the competition and on the contrary would put on his best smile to taunt it. The feature film which took first place last week has established its dominance once again. Results of the races: they are not less than $ 17.6 million that Paramount’s horrific production would add to its wallet. After This Weekend, Parker Finn’s Horror Thriller Would Just Be at the gates of the 50 million dollars raised on home soil, a notable performance for a first film.

To say more about the dominance of the beast, it would display the best average per copies of the first fifteen titles of this ranking with 4810 dollars. Despite a slight drop in attendance of 22.2%, this second week would have smiled on our champion. In comparison, Invisible Manthe Blumhouse and Universal proposal released in 2020 passed the $50 million mark at the same time (for its second week) but had suffered a much larger drop in attendance (-46.3%) for an average per copies of 4191 for nearly identical distribution.

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The novelties take the other two places on the podium. In second place, we find Enzo, the crocodile, a curious live-action project with a croc in computer-generated image that sings. The family film distributed in more than 4350 cinemas – the biggest distribution of this weekend — certainly owes its estimated $11.5 million to its cast. Indeed, the film can count on Javier Bardem, Constance Wu and Shawn Mendes (who camps the digital crocodile) to bring together the spectators in theaters and enchant the youngest. The attempt did not fail with the second best average per copy of the top 15 with $2643.

Well below the reptile, we find David O. Russell with his new crime drama. The whodunit amsterdam would do a disappointing entry to the last place of the podium with only $6.5 million, despite its bewildering cast. In 2015, his last attempt to fill the dark rooms had been more convincing, it was with Joyalso third for its first weekend, but over $17 million raised. Could it be the smell of boycott or bad press that we smell there?

Amsterdam : photo Christian Bale, John David Washington, Margot Robbie“Despite the disappointing results and the tobacco of the press, we keep smiling!”

For its fourth week, The Woman King would bring in $5.3 million this time around. If the film made the accumulation of its exploitation until now, he would have just passed the level of 54 million small greenbacks. A journey that is hard to see stopping next week. Indeed, we can expect to see it bring in another few million in the coming weeks and it could well pass the 60 million before the end of its exploitation. An indicator that could point in this direction (but also in the opposite direction) would be its slight drop in attendance of 22.4% while it has still lost more than 162 copies along the way.

To close the top 5, Don’t Worry Darling has (despite its position) suffered badly this weekend. Olivia Wilde’s second feature film would have lost 797 copies during this short period of time. A lackluster period since despite his contribution estimated at 3.475 million dollars, he would have accused a notable drop in attendance of 49.2%. New deniers that would carry the high concept close to $40 million. An exit from the road which could perhaps be explained by the crossing of the desert that the film experienced during its second week with its flagrant drop of 64.5%.

The Woman King : photo Viola Davis“Chasing 60 Million!”

For the rest, we find Avatar which, for its third week of release, would add more than 2.5 million to his total despite a 48.9% drop in attendance. Barbarian would decelerate more gently with a 22.8% drop for 2.2 million more. If the 40 million seem complicated to get, we want to believe it. Finally, Bros, a hair behind, would bring in 2.15 million despite a 55.7% drop in attendance. Here, it is rather the level of 10 million that he would seek.

And since all the vehicles decided to return to the garage at the same time, Bullet Train (-52% attendance for a significant loss of more than 1000 rooms with 918 remaining) and Top Gun: Maverick (-33.2% with 1127 cinemas) are also at the end of their life, bringing in less than a million each.

A weekend placed however under the sign of the first feats of authorship with the Oscars in sight. First of all, Tardrama and musical biopic of Todd Field worn by Cate Blanchett, launched its limited campaign with only 4 theaters and a average per copy at $40,000. A performance that would make the other feat almost ridiculous, that of Without filter (although it is far from it), which would display an average per copy of 21,007 for 10 copies.

On the other hand, with the significant drop in attendance at Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1 (-93.4%, the largest of the top 30), a certain trend seems to be emerging for Indian films in the United States. Destined to be a hit during the first weekend (it was 6th), the film quickly plummeted like most of its compatriots.

A rich week which will be disrupted next week. Indeed, a big mastodon will point the tip of its nose on Friday the 14th and not the least since we are indeed talking about the last part which will have the difficult task of closing the last trilogy with Michael Myers: Halloween Ends. It will also be the arrival of Decision To Leave on American soil, Park Chan-wook’s latest film which, we hope, will earn a good place in the next ranking (that’s all we wish for it). To note that Armageddon Time and The Whale will also be in the game, they will be released on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 respectively. Outings that will inspire everyone.

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US box office: Smile keeps smiling, the Palme d’Or Without Filter and Tár impress