[VIDEO] Perpignan / The anonymous animals at the Night of the cinema Friday evening at Castillet: hunting and breeding “from the point of view of the prey”

This Friday November 26 from 9 p.m. opens at the Castillet the Cinema Night offered as part of the 56th Confrontation Festival of the Jean-Vigo Institute. In opening, a punchy film, in which the roles between men and animals are reversed, presented by its main actor, the Catalan Thierry Marcos. Meet.

From the first moments, the mist hangs over the viewer as in that old horror film from the very beginning of the 80s, Fog. If we stay in the genre, with anonymous animals, we are very far from the classics of horror. Here, we would rather be in the “trying” category: tension and perpetual apprehension, without any burst of hemoglobin. Violence, yes. But all in subtlety. And then a surprise, first for the designers of this first feature film by Baptiste Rouveure. “We started with a naive thing, a bit like the Planet of the Apes, traces Thierry Marcos, inspired by the observation of the domination of homo sapiens sapiens over the animal world. “

A gift for the vegan cause

By placing the “point of view of the prey“to talk about hunting or slaughter, the team placed humans in the condition of animals in a world ruled by anthropomorphic animals. A totally anxiety-provoking universe where men are hunted down, tied up, fed on a mash of dubious origin, in the constant fog as to their future. In the end, whey for animal defense associations that revel in the dystopia so well realized that Baptiste Rouveure offers, as a gift to the vegan cause .

With grunts, close-ups of the eyes or ears of these humans transported by cattle to the slaughterhouse, the director offers a vision of “what we are afraid of“, decodes Thierry Marcos. It would be this fear, explains the actor of the main role of the film, which would push us to act in the dominant class. “We reversed the roles, but without actually knowing how the animals would behave if they were in a position of domination. After all, we do not know anything about the behavior they would adopt.”, observes the actor. Still amazed by the violence of the reactions aroused by the subject, which is intended above all to be cinematographic.

Designed during an artist residency with the agricultural school of Moulins, in Allier, “the parents of the pupils, seeing the theme, pushed for the abandonment of the project “, regrets the actor. Later, “for the first in Castelnaudary, a hunter got up and left the room protesting, he continues. I didn’t think it could be so divisive.“In Paris, on the initiative of the theaters, all the screenings were organized with associations militant of the animal cause. So if the genre film returns – Titanium has indeed won the Palme d’Or at Cannes -, Anonymous Animals is well placed.Before getting the L214 label, he was already selected at the Fantastic Film Festival in Gerardmer, as well as 40 international festivals where he received 16 awards, including Best Actor in Santiago de Chile. It is currently distributed in ten countries, notably on VOD, and this Friday in Perpignan.

From 9 p.m. until dawn this Friday, November 26, 4 films, a “Domino’s Pizza” break, quizzes, even the little one already survivors! Dystopian programming!
In the presence of actor Thierry Marcos

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[VIDEO] Perpignan / The anonymous animals at the Night of the cinema Friday evening at Castillet: hunting and breeding “from the point of view of the prey”